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Explore STIHL SHOP's range of Electric Chainsaws, where convenience meets cutting-edge technology. These chainsaws, known for their lightweight design, make any cutting task, from pruning trees to slicing through small logs, effortlessly manageable. Starting them is as simple as pushing a button, eliminating the hassle of fuel mixing. Electric Chainsaws from STIHL are a perfect blend of efficiency and ease, tailored for gardening enthusiasts that have easy access to electricity where they work.

Electric Chainsaws

Why are electric chainsaws worth it?

Electric Chainsaws stand out for their ease of use and environmental friendliness. Unlike petrol models, they produce no exhaust, making them a cleaner choice for both the user and the environment. Their lightweight nature significantly reduces fatigue, allowing for longer use without discomfort. Additionally, electric chainsaws offer consistent power without the need for refueling, making them a cost-effective option over time. For those seeking a balance of power, convenience, and sustainability, Electric Chainsaws from STIHL SHOP are an excellent choice, if you can work close an an electricy source.

Is it easy to start an electric chainsaw?

Starting an Electric Chainsaw from STIHL SHOP is remarkably easy and efficient. Gone are the days of strenuous pull-starts, a simple button push activates the chainsaw. This feature not only makes them user-friendly but also saves valuable time. Electric Chainsaws are therefore ideal for those who value quick, hassle-free starts in their cutting tools.

How do I properly maintain an electric chainsaw?

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of your Electric Chainsaw. Regularly check and tighten the chain as needed, using the convenient side chain tensioning feature. It's essential to use quality bar lube for optimal performance; we recommend STIHL SYNTH PLUS CHAIN LUBRICATION. Keep the guide bar and chain clean, and inspect them for damage before each use. With these simple steps, your Electric Chainsaw will remain a reliable tool for years.


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