STIHL MS 251 C-BE Wood Boss®

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The STIHL MS 251 C-BE featuring Quick Chain Tensioning (B) ErgoStart (E) and QuickStop Super chain brake is ideal for a variety of applications, from cutting firewood to timber construction. This 2-MIX Chainsaw has a high torque engine is easy to start and comfortable to use, with a high cutting performance. Emissions are significantly reduced and fuel consumption is up to 20% lower compared to a STIHL 2-stroke engine of the same power output without 2-MIX technology. 



  • Anti-Vibration System - Click on  for more information.
  • Quick Chain Tensioning (B) - Click on  for more information.
  • Easy Start (E) - Click on  for more information.
  • QuickStop Super Chain Brake (Q) - Click on  for more information.


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Engine Power: 2.2kW 
Engine Capacity: 45.6cc 
Dry Weight: 5.2kg 
Standard Guide Bar: 16" (40cm)