Kiwicare LawnPro Feed n Flourish Spreader Refill 2.8kg

Product code: G42011


LawnPro Feed & Flourish is an innovative product for easy application of nutrients to lawns. 

The Even-Flo spreader unit un-clips from the Feed & Flourish container and can be re-used on refill packs.


3 day greening - Lawns become noticeably greener within 3 days.
Regular applications will create a thicker, harder wearing lawn.
Improves condition of lawn soil and grass.
Easy to apply – ergonomic handle design, flip open spout, walk over lawn and let the spreader evenly apply the granules.
Coverage 100 m2
NPK – 3-1-3
Raises pH of soil to help control of moss , hydrocotyle and other acid loving weeds. (Follow up with LawnPro Mossclear and LawnPro Hydrocotyle ).
Child and pet safe.
Made for New Zealand lawn conditions.