What is SHOP ON US?

If you purchase a product that allows you to SHOP ON US we will send you a Promo Code to the value stated on the product. Enter your Promo Code into the shopping cart during your next Online Purchase for a discount off STIHL Accessories and Merchandise products. The Promo Code can be found underneath the product on your Order Confirmation Email it is written in orange


SHOP ON US Terms & Conditions

1. SHOP ON US Promo Codes can only be spent on STIHL Accessories and Merchandise 

2. A separate SHOP ON US Promo Code is issued for each eligible tool/machine that is purchased. For Example: If you buy two of the same eligible products, you will receive 2 separate SHOP ON US Promo Codes   

3. All Promo Codes that are earnt online must be spent online. These codes will not be accepted for purchases made in-store

4. The SHOP ON US Promo Code discounts must be spent at the same online STIHL SHOP Store that they were earnt in

5. Each Promo Code can only be used once - even if the entire value of the code is not redeemed on the first purchase

6. It is only possible to redeem one Promo Code per order

7. The SHOP ON US Promo Codes cannot be used to cover freight. Freight will be charged on orders where a SHOP ON US code is redeemed

8. The SHOP ON US Promo Codes cannot be exchanged for cash

9. SHOP ON US Promos Codes are valid for 1 year after the end of the Promotion they are earnt through. Any codes earnt under the current Upgrades Promotion are valid until 31 May 2021.