Homeowners and professionals across New Zealand choose STIHL Chainsaws for their exceptional performance and high quality. From cutting up firewood, to felling large trees in the forrest, there is little surprise that STIHL is the best-selling brand of petrol Chainsaws in the world.


STIHL Chainsaws are designed to be started quickly and easily. If you have a Cordless Chainsaw, the process couldn't be simpler with a sufficiently charged battery and pulling the throttle.

Petrol Chainsaws however require a few extra steps, and the starting technique may slightly vary depending on the model you have (for instance, Chainsaws with the STIHL Ergostart feature). Follow the link below to learn more about the correct starting procedure for you STIHL Chainsaw.

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Over time, chains will lose their edge. Having a sharp chain is necessary for the best cutting experience possible. Different lengths of chain fits different bar sizes, and different types of chain offer various benefits. For example, carbide-tipped chains last 10x longer than regular chains, while smaller-gauged chains are designed to fit the majority of STIHL Cordless Chainsaws.

While STIHL SHOPs offer chain sharpening services for your convenience, you are more than capable of sharpening your on chain at home provided you have the right equipment and sharpening technique. You can learn more about chain sharpening by clicking the link below.

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Learning how to mix fuel isn't difficult, however it is essential to get right for the health of your engine. STIHL Chainsaws use a ratio of 50:1 of gasoline to engine oil. STIHL HP ULTRA engine oil is specifically formulated for STIHL machines to maximise engine life and ensure optimal running performance.

Adequate lubrication of your chain is imperative to avoid potential damage to your Chainsaw during use—regardless if your Chainsaw is petrol or electric. A useful tip to remember is to top up your oil every time you fill your fuel tank.

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Safety should always be taken seriously when using a Chainsaw. Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn during machine operation and can be fitted to suit your specific requirements, such as for domestic use, arboriculture, or large forestry tasks.

Noise protection, work boots and gloves, Chainsaw chaps, and face protection are a great place to start. Different grades of safety gear are available so you can be confident that you have the right kit for the job.

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Routine servicing is required to to ensure your Chainsaw's performance and longevity. Every new STIHL Chainsaw is entitled to a free first service after about 5 hours of use (or about 3 months of ownership), which is an essential aspect of the warranty process. STIHL SHOP service technicians inspect crucial components of your Chainsaw such as fuel filters, air filters, spark plugs and chain brakes, as well as the overall condition of the machine. Any potential faults will be identified to make sure your Chainsaw is safe to use.


Can I use any 2 Stroke fuel mix in my Chainsaw?

We highly recommend using STIHL 2 Stroke oil as it is specially formulated for STIHL engines to maximise the life your machine. The use of other oils would also present a complication in the event of a warranty issue.

What grade octane should I use in my 2 stroke mix?

We recommend the use of 96 Octane at a ratio of 50:1 to STIHL HP Ultra.

How important is fresh fuel?

Fresh fuel in your Chainsaw is critical for engine startup and the performance of the carburettor. We do not recommend leaving fuel in your machine for more than 1 month. If 1 month elapses, we suggest that you empty the fuel tank and run the engine until it is dry.

What is the correct chain tension?

At about the centre of the bar, just take the weight of the saw lifting the chain. You should just see the bottom of the drive links.

How often should I sharpen my chain?

This depends on the level of usage. A tell-tale sign of a blunt chain is when the user must place force on the Chainsaw to achieve a cut, rather than letting the saw to the work.