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At STIHL SHOP we offer an extensive range of home water pumps and generators, ensuring reliable and efficient solutions for every need. Our products, including versatile home water pumps, cater to both domestic and industrial requirements, managing large volumes of water with ease. Generators from our selection ensure stable, consistent electricity, marking them as essential for commercial users seeking backup power or tradesmen in need of robust support. Customers value our portable, quiet, and fuel-efficient generators and water pumps for their plumbing and filtration needs.

Water Pumps & Generators

Types of Home Water Pumps & Generators

Exploring the variety at STIHL SHOP reveals water pumps designed for different applications, ensuring customers find the perfect match for their specific water supply challenges. From submersible pumps for deep well applications to surface models ideal for tank and garden usage, our range supports every unique requirement. Each water pump is engineered for maximum flow efficiency, featuring advanced motors and control mechanisms to optimise performance. Industrial-grade water pumps offer heavy-duty capabilities, handling large volumes with remarkable reliability and efficiency. With such diversity, homeowners and professionals alike can ensure their systems operate smoothly, backed by expert advice from our team.

How do I choose the right Water Pump for my home?

Selecting the appropriate water pump involves understanding your home's water flow and volume requirements, a process where our experts excel in providing guidance. Consideration of the pump's efficiency and compatibility with existing plumbing systems plays a critical role in ensuring seamless operation. For homes needing increased pressure for water supply or filtration systems, selecting a pump with a robust motor and adequate control features is essential. Installation requirements, including space and accessibility for maintenance, should influence the decision, aiming for minimal disruption and ease of use. Lastly, prioritising models with proven reliability and a circuit breaker for safety ensures a wise investment in your home's water management.

How do Home Water Pumps work?

Home water pumps operate by converting mechanical energy into hydraulic energy, effectively moving water from one point to another through a system of pipes. Utilising a motor, these pumps generate the force needed to push water upwards, overcoming gravitational pull and resistance within pipes. For systems requiring water extraction from wells or underground sources, pumps equipped with a powerful motor and efficient flow control are indispensable. Surface pumps, on the other hand, are ideal for tasks like tank filling or garden irrigation, where water does not need to be drawn from deep sources. Through innovative technologies STIHL SHOP ensures that every home enjoys access to stable and efficient water supply and electricity.



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