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Transform your garden waste into valuable compost with STIHL's powerful garden chippers & mulchers. Designed to handle both hardwood and soft foliage, our garden chippers significantly reduce the volume of garden material. Whether it's leaves, branches, or twigs, our machines ensure efficient shredding, making it easier for you to add to your compost and enrich your soil.

Garden Chippers & Mulchers

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STIHL SHOP brings you a range of high-performance garden chippers & Mulchers to streamline your garden work. Our chippers are designed to tackle unwanted plants, wood debris, and other garden waste with ease. By incorporating these machines into your gardening routine, you can maintain a neat and tidy garden without any hassle. Remember, when you choose STIHL SHOP, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a specialist solution backed by local New Zealand businesses.


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