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STIHL Battery Leaf Blowers are the epitome of efficiency and convenience. Lightweight and whisper-quiet, they are the perfect choice for small backyards and expansive gardens or parks in New Zealand. As specialists in the field, STIHL ensures that every model is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and powerful enough to tackle dirt, leaves and debris.
Cordless Battery Leaf Blowers

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Discover STIHL's range of high-performance lithium-ion battery blowers, designed for the modern gardener. With over 1000 charge cycles, STIHL batteries maintain their power, ensuring your cordless blower remains effective from the first to the last leaf. These compact, quiet, and powerful machines redefine convenience, starting effortlessly with just a push of a button. Say goodbye to the tedious task of using a broom and embrace the efficiency of STIHL's cordless blowers for clearing leaves, dust, and other debris.

Are Cordless Leaf Blowers as Powerful as Corded?

Absolutely! STIHL's cordless leaf blowers are engineered for power. With advancements in battery technology, these electric, rechargeable blowers deliver a powerful punch, ensuring effective and efficient cleaning. They offer the versatility of being cordless, allowing for greater mobility without compromising on performance. Whether it's a handheld or backpack model, STIHL ensures power and efficiency in every charge.

How long do Cordless Leaf Blowers Last?

The runtime of STIHL's cordless leaf blowers is a testament to their advanced battery technology, which has been refined over a decade of research and development. STIHL offers four distinct battery systems tailored to different needs: the AI Battery Line which is ideal for smaller gardens and courtyards, the AK System which is designed for tough jobs in your garden, the AP System which is guaranteed success for professionals or those with large properties, and the AR Backpack for heavy-duty professional use. The runtime of each blower varies depending on the battery system and specific product model. It's essential to note that each product page on the STIHL SHOP website provides detailed information about the device's runtime, ensuring that users can make an informed choice based on their requirements.

 What is the warranty for Cordless/Battery Leaf Blowers?

All STIHL tools, including the cordless leaf blowers, purchased online come with the same product warranty as in-store purchases, ensuring a 2-year warranty for private, home, or domestic use. Find out more about the warranty-and-service-advantage.


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