All STIHL tools purchased online receive the same STIHL product warranty as in store purchases 

 Private / Home / Farming Use  2 Years
 Professional Use  6 Months
 Accessories  1 Month

The warranty does not affect your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act.


You can double the warranty of your STIHL petrol tools purchased online by:

(1) Adding a bottle of STIHL HP Ultra Oil (minimum 1L) to your cart when you make your purchase. You'll then be signed up to our STIHL Service Advantage programme, and

(2) Taking your STIHL tool into your local STIHL SHOP for its First Free Service, and then its ongoing regular service.

Doing these two things will not only double your warranty, but also increase the performance and longevity of your STIHL product. Note: STIHL HP Ultra is our fully synthetic engine oil made in-house and is designed specifically for STIHL engines.



STIHL Service Advantage is a programme where you can extend the warranty of your STIHL petrol-fueled product, if you use STIHL HP Ultra Oil in your Petrol Machine, and get it serviced every year by your local STIHL SHOP. By joining the programme, you effectively double the warranty to 4 years on a STIHL petrol machine when you use it in a Domestic, Lifestyle Block, or Farming application.

Or to put it simply... Annual Service + STIHL Ultra Oil = STIHL Service Advantage.



How often should I bring my machine in to be serviced?

As a minimum, we recommend at least one service per year for domestic tools. If your STIHL machine is in heavy use, a service may be required more frequently.

How much does a service cost?

Service costs may very between stores. We recommend contacting your local STIHL SHOP directly to learn about their pricing.

Does my machine have to be a STIHL?

No — Our stores are happy to service and repair all major brands of Outdoor Power Equipment.

How long will the service take?

This will likely depend on the seasonal demand of the workshop. If it is the first free service of your STIHL machine, we aim to have it completed within 1 working day, however this cannot always be guaranteed. For an up to date estimate, please contact your STIHL SHOP directly.

How much does a repair cost?

This is dependant on the cost of parts and labour required to fix your machine. Your STIHL SHOP will provide an estimated cost. Note: Most stores require a minimum charge for disassembling and diagnosing the machine.