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The STIHL Arborist Chainsaws are light, compact and powerful. These models are designed to be operated while tree climbing and feature the top handle configuration. At STIHL SHOP we have both petrol and battery models available. These chainsaws, designed specifically for arborists, combine lightness and compactness with formidable power, enabling seamless operation during tree climbing.
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Our collection includes both petrol and battery models, ensuring a perfect fit for various professional needs. With top handle configurations, these chainsaws enhance maneuverability for efficient pruning, cutting, and trimming tasks. STIHL SHOP's Arborist Chainsaws stand out for their excellent power-to-weight ratio, offering outstanding cutting performance for arboriculture and tree maintenance work.


At STIHL SHOP, we provide Arborist Chainsaws that redefine tree care efficiency. These saws are engineered for precision in arboriculture, making tasks like limb removal and lopping more manageable. With a focus on safety, these chainsaws are equipped with features that protect users while climbing. Professionals will appreciate the balance of lightweight design and cutting-edge power, crucial for demanding forestry work. Our range includes models that cater to various preferences, from traditional petrol to eco-friendly battery options, each ensuring reliability and durability in fieldwork.

What makes a chainsaw suitable for arborist work?

A chainsaw becomes suitable for arborist work when it incorporates specific features tailored to the unique demands of tree maintenance. Key elements include a top handle design for better control when climbing, lightweight construction to minimise fatigue, and a robust engine for efficient cutting. Arborist chainsaws also prioritise safety features, such as advanced braking systems and ergonomic grips, essential for work at heights. Their specialised design makes them ideal tools for precise pruning, trimming, and cutting tasks in arboriculture, ensuring professionals can work effectively and safely.

What are the benefits of using arborist chainsaws?

Utilizing arborist chainsaws brings numerous benefits to tree care professionals. These tools offer unmatched precision in pruning and trimming, crucial for maintaining tree health and aesthetics. Their lightweight design reduces user fatigue, allowing for longer periods of work without strain. Arborist chainsaws also ensure enhanced safety, a paramount concern when working at heights. Equipped with features for efficient and clean cutting, these chainsaws minimise damage to trees, promoting healthier regrowth. Overall, arborist chainsaws are indispensable for professionals seeking to deliver high-quality arboriculture services.

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