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STIHL SHOP proudly offers a premier selection of Rear Catch Ride On Mowers, designed to transform lawn maintenance into a seamless and enjoyable task. Our range includes compact mowers, perfect for smaller lawns and garden maintenance needs. STIHL SHOP also provides robust models for tackling those larger tasks, offering exceptional bagging capabilities, superior comfort with adjustable seats, and foot hydrostatic controls for unparalleled manoeuvrability. With our expertise and comprehensive lineup, finding the ideal ride on mowers NZ wide for any terrain and size becomes effortless.


Rear Catch Ride On Mowers

What are the advantages of using a Rear Catch Ride On Mower?

Rear Catch Ride On Mowers offer unparalleled convenience in collecting grass clippings, thereby eliminating the need for subsequent raking and ensuring a pristine lawn after every cut. These mowers enhance efficiency through their substantial fuel capacity and powerful engines, enabling longer mowing sessions with less frequent stops. Enhanced comfort features, including ergonomic seats and intuitive controls, make for a more pleasant mowing experience, even over extended periods. The design prioritises safety with features that ensure stability across various terrains, while the precision cutting decks deliver an immaculate finish.

How to choose the best Rear Catch Ride On Mower for my property?

When selecting the best Rear Catch Ride On Mowers, consider your lawn's size and terrain to ensure optimal performance and manoeuvrability. Look for models with appropriate horsepower and deck size to manage your specific grass type and property dimensions efficiently. Features such as transmission type and speed options can significantly impact ease of use and effectiveness on different terrains. Pay attention to the capacity of the grass catcher to match your lawn’s needs, minimising emptying interruptions. Lastly, assess comfort and control elements like seat adjustability and steering ease, as these greatly influence the mowing experience, ensuring tasks are completed with minimal effort.

How often should I empty the grass catcher on a Rear Catch Ride On Mower?

Emptying frequency for the grass catcher on Rear Catch Ride On Mowers depends on lawn size, grass length, and thickness. For smaller properties or during light trimming, the catcher might only need emptying after the job is complete. In contrast, larger areas or denser grass may require mid-task emptying to maintain optimal performance and prevent overfilling. Regularly checking the catcher’s level during use helps avoid blockages and ensures efficient operation. Proper maintenance, including timely emptying of the catcher, is crucial for extending the lifespan.

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