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At STIHL SHOP, our petrol drill exemplifies our commitment to providing Specialist Outdoor Equipment for diverse applications. The powerful petrol auger drill is engineered for precision and ease, offering unmatched versatility and performance. With a robust petrol engine at its core, the drill guarantees efficiency in drilling wood or digging holes, making it an essential tool for mass planting or deep root fertilisation. Our petrol drill stands as testament to our dedication to quality tools, ensuring every task is tackled with confidence.

Petrol Drills

What are the main features of the STIHL Petrol Drill?

The BT 45 Petrol Drill from STIHL SHOP boasts an array of features designed to enhance performance, durability, and ease of use. Key among these is the petrol engine, providing the power needed for demanding tasks while ensuring lasting reliability. A quick-release chuck, standard at 13mm width, facilitates swift bit changes, enhancing operational efficiency. For user comfort, the BT 45 has an anti-vibration system, minimising fatigue during extended use. Additional functionalities include two forward gears, a reverse gear, and a neutral position, offering comprehensive control over drilling speed and direction.

How do Petrol Drills work?

Petrol drills operate on a principle that combines mechanical precision with robust petrol engine power. Once started, the engine generates rotary motion, transferring torque to the drill bit. Users can select from two forward gears or engage the reverse gear for optimal control over drilling speed and depth. This versatility ensures the drill can handle a variety of materials and applications, from wood to soil. The compact design and anti-vibration technology further ensures that handling the drill remains comfortable and efficient, even during prolonged periods of use. The BT 45 Petrol Drill requires engine oil to ensure smooth and continuous operation. We recommend using the STIHL HP Two Stroke Engine Oil to ensure your petrol drills maintain top condition for high performance tasks.

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