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Experience the versatility and power of the STIHL Multisystem, your one-stop solution for a variety of lawn-care, soil-cultivation, and edging tasks. Whether you are in New Zealand's bustling cities or countryside, this system is designed to cater to your garden's unique needs. The core of this system, the STIHL Multisystem engine, can be swiftly and effortlessly paired with any of the seven STIHL Multi Tools available, offering you a tailored approach to garden maintenance. We also have 2 dedicated petrol tillers in the STIHL range , these powerful tillers do the work for you and can handle demanding groundwork.



Multi System & Tillers

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STIHL offers products that combine innovation with ease of use.  Whether you are looking to create crisp edges along your lawn or cultivate soil for a new flower bed, our products stand as reliable companions. With competitive prices, STIHL has a product range that meets all your lawn and garden maintenance needs.

What is a Tiller Used For?

A tiller, often referred to as a garden tiller, serves as a pivotal tool in the preparation and maintenance of your garden soil. It works by breaking up hard, compacted soil, making it more conducive for the growth of new plants. This tool is particularly beneficial in New Zealand's diverse landscapes, aiding in the cultivation of vibrant gardens. 

A tiller not only facilitates the mixing of fertilizers and compost into the soil but also assists in weed control, making it a must-have tool for both novice and experienced gardeners.

Are Lawn Edgers worth it?

Absolutely, lawn edgers are an invaluable tool for any garden enthusiast seeking to maintain a neat and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. These tools specialize in creating defined borders between your lawn and adjacent areas, such as flower beds or pathways. 

By using a lawn edger, you can prevent grass from growing into unwanted areas, thus preserving the shape and structure of your garden. Moreover, it adds a professional touch to your lawn, elevating its appearance. 

What to consider when buying a Multi System or Tiller

When purchasing a multi-system or tiller, consider factors such as the size of your garden, the type of soil, and the specific tasks you aim to accomplish. Additionally, consider the tool's ease of use, safety features, and availability of accessories that might enhance its functionality. Browse our range here. Visit your local STIHL SHOP for expert advice in your area.

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