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STIHL Farming Chainsaws are engineered for dependability. Our range of farm chainsaws are designed to work every day in a variety of applications including tree felling, clean-up jobs and cutting firewood.
Farming Chainsaws

At STIHL SHOP, we have a wide range of hardworking farming chainsaws available online. Our farming chainsaws can handle a range of farming tasks and are packed with features that provide a great user experience for those operating the chainsaw for long periods of time.

Key Features of Farm Chainsaws

Farm chainsaws are not just any regular chainsaws. They're built to be robust to withstand the demanding tasks of farming, from cutting thick logs to clearing land.

Farming chainsaws are engineered to deliver quick, clean cuts, reducing the time and effort required for various farming applications. With features like simplified starting mechanisms and ergonomic designs, they ensure ease of use, even during prolonged operations.

Battery Farm Chainsaws & Petrol Farm Chainsaws

Selecting the right farming chainsaw can make a world of difference in your everyday tasks. Battery chainsaws offer convenience and are eco-friendly, while petrol chainsaws deliver raw power and can be used for longer periods away from a power source or without multiple batteries. Your choice of chainsaw should reflect your farm's demands and your personal preferences. At STIHL shop, we offer farming chainsaws in petrol and battery models.

Safety and Usage Tips When Using a Farm Chainsaw

Using a chainsaw, especially in a farming environment, requires utmost caution. Always wear safety gear, including helmets, gloves, and protective clothing. Safety should never be an afterthought. Ensure you are regularly cleaning and servicing your chainsaw, as a well-maintained chainsaw not only lasts longer but also operates more safely. 

Farm Chainsaw FAQs

Below are our frequently asked questions on farm chainsaws.

What distinguishes farm chainsaws from regular chainsaws?

Farming Chainsaws are designed to be durable and used for longer periods of time than a domestic saw. They also have more power to allow their use with a longer bar for cutting larger diameter trees.

What safety precautions should I consider when using a farm chainsaw?

Always wear the recommended safety gear, ensure the chainsaw is in optimal working condition, and be aware of your surroundings to prevent accidents.

Farm Chainsaw Warranty at STIHL Shop

All farm chainsaws purchased online and in-store receive the STIHL product warranty. Our farm chainsaws come with a 2-year product warranty, for more information visit our warranty guide.

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