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Dealing with stubborn dirt and grime? STIHL Cleaning Products are what you need to clean your car, blades, machinery, etc. Our wide range of Cleaning products can help you with cleaning different types of residues, including organic oil, resin, grease, paint and most industrial type stains.
Cleaning Products
STIHL cleaning products deliver better results and are less harmful to the environment. The range includes an Auto Wash & Wax that removes dirt and grime fast, an Auto & Outdoor Cleaner Degreaser that easily removes heavy-duty grease and grime. Both cleaners’ deliver better results when used with STIHL’s range of Water Blasters. And when you’ve finished cleaning there’s our Hand Wash Gel that’s tough on dirt but gentle on your skin. We also have sprays for removing resin and dirt and providing lubrication and corrosion protection.
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