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Ideal for property maintenance, pruning and firewood, home user Chainsaws combine many of the same high performance features as the STIHL professional range but at an affordable price. They offer optimal handling making them easy to use.
Home Chainsaws

The STIHL chainsaws for home use are high quality and because they will perform for many years, they offer good value for money. These home-user chainsaws are ideal for garden work, pruning trees and cutting firewood. The STIHL range of home user chainsaws have plenty of power so you'll be able to get your jobs done quickly.

Key Features of Home Chainsaws

Our selection of chainsaws, including chainsaws designed for home use are a blend of innovation and practicality. Designed with homeowners in mind, these chainsaws ensure ease of operation, even for those who might only use them occasionally. These chainsaws come equipped with features that prioritize user safety, reducing the risk of accidents. Whether it's pruning a tree or cutting firewood for the winter, home user chainsaws are built to handle a range of tasks with ease.

FAQs on Chainsaws for Home Use

Below are our commonly asked questions on home chainsaws. 

What are the main differences between home chainsaws and professional chainsaws?

While both types of chainsaws are designed for cutting. However, home chainsaws are tailored for lighter, intermittent tasks and prioritize user-friendliness. In contrast, professional chainsaws are built for rigorous, prolonged use and often have more power. Find out what chainsaw you should buy in our guide.

How often should I maintain my home chainsaw?

It's advisable to check and maintain your home chainsaw after every few uses. However, if you use it intensively, consider a quick check after each use.

Are there specific safety precautions for using a chainsaw at home?

Absolutely. Always ensure you're wearing the recommended safety gear, keep the chainsaw in optimal condition, and be vigilant about your surroundings, especially if children or pets are nearby.

STIHL Shop Home Chainsaw Warranty

STIHL chainsaws including home-use chainsaws come with a warranty of up to two years for private, home, or farming use. Professional usage warranty varies. Read our Warranty Terms here.


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