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Experience the exceptional performance of STIHL Clearing Saws, designed for both professionals and enthusiasts seeking robust, reliable outdoor equipment. These powerful machines embody the essence of operational comfort and tailored efficiency. Equipped with sharp blades, STIHL Clearing Saws are ready for tough jobs, making them indispensable for heavy-duty land maintenance.
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Our range features models that prioritise user comfort, boasting durable designs and advanced anti-vibration systems. These attributes significantly reduce fatigue, enabling extended use in various vegetation-clearing tasks.

The STIHL Clearing Saw collection offers a perfect blend of power and precision for handling dense brush, tough branches, and overgrown shrubs. Ideal for farming and forestry work, these saws are engineered to cut through thick vegetation effortlessly. Their high-quality blades and robust construction ensure lasting performance in demanding conditions. Garden professionals and land maintenance experts will find these tools invaluable for their heavy-duty cutting needs. STIHL provides a commitment to safety and efficiency so users can confidently tackle any clearing challenge.

How is a clearing saw different from other types of saws?

Clearing saws distinguish themselves from other saw types through their specialised design and purpose. Unlike chainsaws that are used primarily for cutting trees and logs, clearing saws are tailored for vegetation management. Their blades are designed to slice through dense underbrush, thick grass, and stubborn weeds, making them ideal for land clearing and foresty maintenance. This focus on vegetation cutting sets clearing saws apart as a unique tool in outdoor equipment arsenals.

Clearing Saws vs Brush Cutters

While clearing saws and brush cutters might seem similar, key differences define their respective uses. Clearing saws are more robust and powerful, designed for larger-scale tasks like clearing forests or managing overgrown landscapes. Brush cutters, on the other hand are designed for thinner vegetation. Both tools are essential for professional landscapers and garden enthusiasts, each excelling in different aspects of outdoor maintenance and vegetation management.


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