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The STIHL range of petrol leaf blowers is the epitome of power and efficiency, designed to tackle even the most challenging clean-up tasks. Whether you're tidying up your garden, garage, or vast public areas, our petrol blowers, available in both handheld and backpack versions, ensure a swift and effective cleaning experience. As specialists in lawn and garden equipment, STIHL guarantees reliability and performance with every use.
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Experience the unmatched power and efficiency of STIHL's high-quality petrol leaf blowers. Crafted with a keen focus on user comfort, these blowers are not only powerful but also ergonomic. Whether you're a homeowner, caretaker, landscaper, or council worker, our diverse range promises a model tailored to your specific needs. Trust in STIHL's commitment to delivering durable, reliable, and easy-to-use tools for every outdoor cleaning task.

What to look for when buying a petrol leaf blower?

When purchasing a petrol leaf blower, consider its power output, ensuring it's sufficient for your cleaning needs. A model with adjustable speed settings, can allow for versatility across different tasks. The blower's weight and ergonomic design are crucial for comfort during extended use. Check the fuel tank capacity to gauge runtime and opt for engines that offer efficient fuel consumption. Lastly, prioritize reputable brands known for durability and reliability, and always review the warranty terms to ensure long-term peace of mind. Talk to your local STIHL STIHL expert for advice.

Are petrol blowers better than electric?

Petrol blowers offer distinct advantages over their electric counterparts. Without the limitation of cords or battery life, petrol blowers offer greater mobility and longer runtimes. While electric blowers are quieter and more environmentally friendly, petrol blowers are often chosen for their raw power and versatility, especially for extensive or commercial tasks. The final choice will depend on what your needs are. Browse our electric leaf blower and battery blower ranges to see your other options.

What is the warranty for petrol leaf blowers?

All STIHL tools, including petrol leaf blowers, purchased online come with the same product warranty as in-store purchases, ensuring a 2-year warranty for private, home, or domestic use. Petrol leaf blowers used for professional applications receive a 6-month warranty. Find out more about the STIHL Warranty here.

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