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Elevate your grass cutting experience with STIHL SHOP, your Specialist Outdoor Equipment Supplier. Our expertise ensures you find the perfect fit for your mower, enhancing its performance and durability. Fit your STIHL Lawnmower with a high quality mulching kit, that allows you to finely shred the grass when mowing which will fall back into the grass as a nutrient-rich fertiliser. Discover a great range of Mulching and Cleaning Kits.

Lawnmower Accessories

What are the different types of lawn mower accessories?

Explore a variety of lawn mower accessories that cater to diverse needs and enhance the functionality of your mower. Mulch kits, crucial for converting clippings into nutrient-rich fertiliser,  lawn mower care and cleaning kits for keeping your lawn mowers in top condition and increasing longevity.  Each accessory is designed to complement your STIHL lawn mower, ensuring top-tier performance and ease of use.

How to choose the right lawn mower accessories?

Selecting the right lawn mower accessories begins with understanding your garden's specific needs and the challenges you face. Consider the size and type of terrain you're dealing with to determine whether a mulch kit or a catcher would be more beneficial. Our mulching kits are designed to be compatible with different lawn mowers, expert advice from STIHL SHOP specialists can guide you in making the best choices for your lawn care requirements.

How to attach a mulching kit to a lawn mower?

Attaching a mulching kit to your STIHL lawn mower transforms it into a powerful tool that enriches your lawn with essential nutrients. Begin by ensuring the mower is turned off. Attach the multi-blade and mulching insert to the deck, following the instructions provided with your kit. This setup allows for the grass to be finely shredded and evenly distributed across the lawn, acting as a natural fertiliser. Regular maintenance and checking the tightness of all fittings will guarantee the mulching kit's effectiveness and durability.


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