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Experience the power and efficiency of STIHL Vacuum Blowers/Shredders. Designed to effortlessly suck up fallen leaves and grass clippings, these specialist tools reduce the material volume. Perfect for composting or mulching, the STIHL Vacuum Blowers/Shredders are versatile, easily converting between a handheld blower and a shredder. With such compact and powerful tools, maintaining a clean and debris-free environment in New Zealand has never been easier.
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Discover the STIHL range of Vacuum Blowers/Shredders, designed to make composting and mulching a breeze.  These 2-in-1 handheld blowers and shredders can swiftly remove and shred leaves. STIHL SHOP offers a range of Vacuum Blowers tailored to your needs, all backed by the expertise of our locally owned New Zealand stores.

What is a Vacuum Blower used for?

A Vacuum Blower is a specialist tool designed to efficiently clean up outdoor spaces. Using powerful suction, it hoovers up dust, dirt, and debris, ensuring your environment remains pristine. From fallen leaves to grass clippings, the Vacuum Blower not only collects but also shreds the material reducing the volume and making it easy to compost or mulch. The STIHL range includes battery, petrol and electric options.

Is it better to get a standard leaf blower or vacuum blower?

A Vacuum Blower offers the best of both worlds. Essentially a two-in-one product, it provides the functionality of both a leaf blower and a vacuum shredder. With just a few clicks, its intuitive design allows you to convert the vacuum shredder into a blower and vice versa. This versatility means you can first blow debris into a pile and then vacuum and shred it, making the cleanup process seamless and efficient.

What petrol should I use for my Petrol Vacuum Blower?

For optimal performance, petrol Vacuum Blowers require quality engine oil. We recommend using STIHL HP TWO STROKE ULTRA ENGINE OIL for your machine. This fully synthetic oil, designed specifically for STIHL engines, ensures longevity and peak performance.

What is the warranty for Vacuum Blowers?

All STIHL tools, including Vacuum Blowers, purchased online come with the same warranty as in-store purchases, ensuring a 2-year coverage for private, home and farming use. You can even double this warranty by adding a bottle of STIHL HP Ultra Oil (minimum 1L) to your cart and taking your STIHL tool to your local STIHL SHOP for its First Free Service and subsequent regular services. Regular servicing not only extends the warranty but also enhances the tool's performance and lifespan. Find out more about the STIHL Warranty here

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