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Ride on mowers are more suited for larger lawns, where a walk behind mower would not be appropriate and end up taking hours to mow your lawn. STIHL SHOP has a huge range of high quality Cub Cadet and Rover Ride On Mowers for those looking to maintain larger lawns or lifestyle properties. In no time at all, even a large lawn can be perfectly cut. View our Full New Zealand Range Below:
Ride On Mowers

Ride On Mowers come with various features such as adjustable cutting heights, grass collection systems, headlights, and sometimes even attachments for additional tasks like mulching, bagging, or towing carts. At STIHL SHOP we stock a ride range of Cub Cadet & Rover Ride On Mowers.

Ride On Mower FAQs: 

See below for our most frequently asked questions about Ride On Mowers.

How do I choose a Ride On Mower?  

Ask yourself what is the size of the mowing area? Often this information will help us to determine the cutting deck and engine size required before recommending a ride-on mower. 
Other questions to ask yourself include; how long does it take to mow your lawns? What is the terrain like that you are mowing, is it primarily flat or do you have undulating ground or slops? Do you want to catch, side discharge, or mulch the grass?  The terrain and type of lawn, will determine if you need a zero turn, a side discharge, or catcher lawn tractor. There are rideon options with cutting widths from 30” for small lawns, up to large 72” decks for life style blocks and commercial use.

What is the life expectancy of a Ride On Mower? 

A Ride On Mower should last anywhere from 6 to 10 years with regular maintenance and ongoing care. The life expectancy of any machine can vary depending on usage, terrain and hours used. Of course with less wear and tear, you can expect your Ride on Mower to last even longer.  It is important to get regular services at your local dealer to ensure longevity of your mower.

How many hours will a Ride On Mower last?  

If you maintain your mower with regular servicing, you should be getting 500+ hours of mowing.

Is it worth getting a Ride on Mower?  

In many cases, yes they are worth the investment. A Ride On mower has many benefits. If you have a large lawn then it will be far more time efficient and reduces the manual labour required compared to a walk behind Lawnmower. A zero turn rideon is also a good option for large open areas compared with a tractor that has a mower implement attached, the ground speed and quick turning ability of a zero turn rideon can reduce your mow time significantly.

How long is the warranty on Ride On Mowers?

The warranty for Ride On mowers varies depending on the brand and usage - private, home, farming or professional usage. Contact your local STIHL SHOP for details.


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