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Discover the efficiency of STIHL's zero turn mowers, designed for precise and swift lawn maintenance. Navigate complex landscapes with ease and save time on your lawn care routine. Browse here to explore the premium range and elevate your gardening experience with STIHL's innovative solutions.

Zero Turn Mowers Ride On Mowers

What are Zero Turn Mowers?

Zero turn mowers are a type of ride-on mower that offers superior maneuverability compared to traditional mowers. They are named for their ability to turn on a zero-degree radius, meaning they can pivot 180 degrees without leaving a circle of uncut grass. This feature allows for precise control, enabling you to navigate around obstacles with ease and efficiency.

How Do Zero Turn Mowers Work?

Each rear wheel operates independently on a zero turn mower, enabling the operator to execute a 180-degree turn on the spot and change direction seamlessly. The enhanced control translates to a quicker and more efficient mowing experience, saving you time and effort.

Why Choose a Zero Turn Mower?

Choosing a zero turn mower means opting for convenience and efficiency. These mowers are particularly beneficial for lawns with complex landscapes, as they can easily maneuver around obstacles such as trees and flower beds. Moreover, they offer faster mowing speeds compared to traditional mowers, allowing you to complete your lawn maintenance in a shorter time frame.

Differentiating Between Mower Types

To make an informed decision, it's essential to understand the differences between various mower types:

Rear Catch Ride-On Mowers: These mowers collect grass clippings in a rear bag, promoting a clean and tidy lawn.

Side Discharge Ride-On Mowers: These mowers expel grass clippings from the side, facilitating faster mowing of larger areas without the need to frequently empty a grass bag.

Zero Turn Mowers: Our focus here, these mowers offer unparalleled maneuverability and speed, making them a preferred choice for those seeking precision and efficiency in lawn maintenance.

How long is the warranty on Zero Turn Mowers? 

The warranty for Zero Turn mowers varies depending on the brand. Contact your local STIHL SHOP for details.

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