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The STIHL Professional Hedge Trimmers are designed and built for use in park and landscape trimming. Known for their durability, they are constructed to handle all-day-everyday use. The blade design on the professional Hedge Trimmers is excellent for cutting stronger, thicker branches, making them ideal for trimming tough or woody hedges in New Zealand's diverse landscapes.
Professional Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers For Professionals

STIHL Hedge Trimmers for professionals are in an entirely different league of performance and durability. When you spend every day trimming hedges of all shapes and sizes, having the right trimmer is a must. We have robust petrol hedge trimmers and high-performance battery/cordless trimmers that are great for noise-sensitive areas. These trimmers guarantee satisfaction with their lightweight, efficient cutting, and long-lasting quality, ensuring value for every professional.

How to sharpen hedge trimmers?

To ensure your hedge trimmer cut hedges and shrubs cleanly and efficiently, it's essential to keep the blades sharp. Start by making sure you can't accidentily start your trimmer during shapening. Clean the blades with a brush to remove any debris. Use a flat file at the recommended sharpening angle, the file is only effective on the forward stroke, and should be lifted from the surface when you move it back. 

After sharpening, apply a light layer of lubricating oil to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation. Always wear protective gloves and safety goggles during the sharpening process to ensure safety. Find out more by reading our blog titled: How to Sharpen Your Hedge Trimmer Blade

What is the warranty for hedge trimmers for professional use?

Hedgetrimmers used for professional applications receive a 6-month warranty. Click here to find out more about the STIHL Warranty here.

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