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Experience the epitome of convenience and power with STIHL's range of battery and cordless hedge trimmers. Whether you are a home gardener or a professional landscaper, our selection promises lightweight, easy-to-use, and high-performing solutions. STIHL battery hedge trimmers not only provide excellent cutting performance but also embody the innovation and expertise synonymous with our locally-owned stores across New Zealand. STIHL Battery Hedge Trimmers provide excellent cutting performance.

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Discover the lightweight and efficient STIHL battery hedge trimmers, the perfect tool for maintaining shrubs and hedges in your garden. These trimmers deliver powerful performance with minimal maintenance, ensuring your gardening tasks are both enjoyable and effortless. For those hard-to-reach areas, explore our range of pole battery hedge trimmers, including a telescoping model that makes trimming high or wide hedges a breeze.

Are battery-powered hedge cutters any good?

Absolutely, battery-powered hedge cutters are a fantastic choice for both amateurs and professionals. These trimmers offer a host of benefits including reduced noise levels, zero emissions, and the elimination of the need for petrol or corded electric power sources. Moreover, they provide a level of power and performance that manual shears and pruners can't match. 

With rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy sustained power and performance, making it easier to maintain your hedges and bushes to a professional standard. When you choose a battery-powered hedge cutter from STIHL, you are investing in a tool that combines innovation with efficiency, backed by the expertise of your local specialists.

What should I look for in a battery hedge trimmer?

      • Battery Life and Power: Ensure the trimmer has a long-lasting battery life and powerful performance to handle your garden's needs.

      • Blade Quality: Look for trimmers with high-quality blades that offer precise and clean cuts, promoting healthy growth in your hedges.
      • Ease of Use: Opt for a trimmer that is lightweight and ergonomically designed, offering comfort and ease during prolonged use.
      • Safety Features: Choose a trimmer equipped with safety features to ensure a secure and accident-free trimming experience.

Benefits of Cordless Hedge Trimmers

      • Mobility and Flexibility: Cordless hedge trimmers allow you to move freely without the restriction of cords, making it easier to reach different areas of your garden.

      • Environmentally Friendly: These trimmers are electrically powered, producing zero emissions and reducing your carbon footprint. 
      • Low Maintenance: Without the need for petrol or oil, cordless trimmers require less maintenance compared to their petrol-powered counterparts.
      • Noise Reduction: Enjoy a quieter gardening experience as cordless trimmers operate at lower noise levels compared to traditional hedge cutters.

Lightweight and easy to use, the STIHL Battery Hedge Trimmer range has something for gardeners of all levels – home users and professionals. STIHL Battery Hedge Trimmers provide excellent cutting performance. Visit your local STIHL SHOP for tailored advice or contact us online.


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