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Choosing the right Lawnmower is the first step in caring for your lawn. Shop from our wide range of STIHL and Masport Lawnmowers: Battery-powered Lawn Mowers, Petrol Lawn Mowers and Robotic Lawn Mowers, suitable for your different needs and requirements.


A Lawnmower helps in the fight against overgrown weeds and keeps your lawn in the best possible condition. STIHL and Masport Lawn lawnmowers offer an effortless cut and powerful, reliable performance. With features such as easy starting engines, mono-comfort handles and single-handed height adjustment, grass cutting is easier than ever before. 

Some mower models feature mulching capability or are self propelled. Browse our range above to find the right Lawnmower model for your garden needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us online or over the phone. You can also visit your local STIHL SHOP and get expert advice from one of our Specialists.

Lawnmower FAQs: 

See below for our most frequently asked questions about Lawnmowers.

What is the most popular mower? 

This depends on the size and type of lawn that you have. If you have a steep lawn, you will definitely want a self-propelled mower. If weight and maneuverability are concerns for you, go with a mower that has a hard-wearing plastic polymer body as it will be lighter than a steel mower. If you want to add nutrients back into your lawn and don't want to dispose of the grass clippings, look for a mower that mulches. At STIHL SHOP we have a wide range to suits the needs of all New Zelanders.

Do you recommend an Electric or Petrol Lawnmower? 

STIHL Battery Lawnmowers are super easy to start and use, just push the button & start mowing. They are also generally lighter than a petrol mower and therefore easier to manoeuvre.  You might prefer a petrol Lawnmower if you have a very large lawn that cannot be mowed on a single battery charge. For more information about the STIHL Battery Lawnmower range read our blog Battery Lawnmower Buying Guide

How many CCs should a Lawn Mower have?

The ideal engine size of a lawn mower can depend on the size of the lawn you are mowing. A 140-190cc engine is generally sufficient for small-medium lawns. Larger lawns and taller grass may require a higher CC engine. Talk to one of our experts today for a recommendation.

Can you leave a Lawnmower Outside? 

Leaving a Lawnmower outside is generally not recommended. Prolonged exposure to external conditions such as moisture, sun, and heat can potentially cause damage. Use a protective cover or store it indoors for better longevity. Regular cleaning will also help to maintain its condition.

How long is the warranty on STIHL Lawnmowers?

STIHL Steel Bodied/decked Lawnmowers come with a warranty of up to two years for private, home or farming use. Professional usage warranty varies. STIHL Polymer Bodied/decked Lawnmowers receive a 10 year warranty on the polymer body (not associated parts) the handle and the catcher. Read our Warranty Terms here.

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