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The powerful garden shredders from STIHL SHOP make quick work of garden waste, depending on the machine you choose, you will be able to chip hardwood and soft foliage alike. By using the shredder the volume of the garden material is significantly reduced, and can then be added to your compost. Garden enthusiasts trust the electric wood chippers from STIHL SHOP to transform garden waste into valuable mulch. Browse the range below.
Electric Garden Chippers & Mulchers

These machines, known for their power and efficiency, handle branches, leaves, and twigs with ease. Electric wood chippers from STIHL SHOP are compact, making them ideal for gardens. Their capacity to chip and shred quickly turns debris into useful garden material. With a robust motor and sharp blades, these chippers ensure safety while operating. Each electric wood chipper is designed for maximum efficiency, reducing maintenance needs significantly. 

Why choose Garden Chippers and Mulchers?

The garden mulcher range efficiently breaks down garden waste. Portable and convenient, these mulchers are a must-have for efficient garden maintenance. Their ability to handle various sizes of garden waste (up to 35mm) makes them versatile. The reduced noise level of these machines adds to the comfort of outdoor work. High-quality garden chippers ensure longevity and consistent performance. 

Choosing a STIHL electric wood chipper or garden mulcher means investing in durability and efficiency. Every product is crafted to meet the highest standards, reflecting STIHL's commitment to quality. Experience the convenience of chipping and mulching with these top-tier machines.

Is it worth buying a wood chipper?

Investing in a STIHL SHOP garden chipper means embracing efficiency in garden maintenance. These powerful machines quickly convert unwanted plants and other yard waste into beneficial compost. With a garden shredder, maintaining a neat, tidy garden becomes effortless. Low-noise shredders from STIHL SHOP enhance the outdoor experience, minimizing disruption. Electric wood chippers offer a practical solution for managing garden debris. 

Benefits of Chipping Branches and Leaves

By chipping branches and leaves, you enhance your garden's health and appearance. The mulch produced is perfect for fertilizing and protecting plant beds. The STIHL garden chippers are designed for ease of use and reliability. Investing in these machines means less time spent on garden clean-up and more on enjoying your garden. Electric wood chippers prove invaluable in keeping gardens in top condition throughout the year. 



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