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At STIHL SHOP we have a huge selection of chainsaws, including a range of STIHL petrol chainsaws. Featuring a collection of home user-friendly models to professional models, our petrol chainsaws are made of the highest quality and are packed with features.
Petrol Chainsaws

Whether you are a professional logger or a homeowner looking to maintain your garden, STIHL petrol chainsaws will make a perfect choice. Made from the highest quality materials, our selection of chainsaws, including petrol chainsaws will last for many years to come. Offering exceptional value, STIHL petrol chainsaws are for any task from garden maintenance to professional forestry work.

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STIHL Petrol Chainsaw Key Features

STIHL petrol chainsaws are a testament to engineering and design. Featuring a petrol engine, our chainsaws offer great power and performance ensuring every cut is clean and efficient. All our petrol chainsaws are durable and built with our customers in mind making them a reliable choice of chainsaw for any task you have planned.

Petrol Chainsaw Maintenance and Care Tip

A well-maintained chainsaw is both efficient and long-lasting. Checking and cleaning your petrol chainsaw regularly can ensure your chainsaw remains in optimal condition, ready for any task.  Always use clean fuel and ensure that the fuel-oil mix is as recommended. Periodically inspect the chainsaw's components, especially the chain and bar, for signs of wear and tear, replacing parts as necessary.

Petrol Chainsaw Warranty at STIHL SHOP

Shop petrol chainsaws with ease with STIHL SHOP. All our petrol chainsaws for private, home or farming use come with a 2-year STIHL product warranty. For petrol chainsaws used for professional use, this comes with a 6-month STIHL product warranty. To find out more about the STIHL product warranty, read more about warranty terms here. 

FAQs on Petrol Chainsaws

Below are our frequently asked questions on petrol chainsaws.

Are petrol chainsaws a good all-around chainsaw?

Petrol chainsaws offer good power making them suitable for a range of tasks, from light pruning to heavy-duty logging. It is safe to say the versatility of a petrol chainsaw is hard to beat.  Find out what chainsaw you should buy in our guide.

What type of engine oil is best for chainsaws?

Ensure you are using high-quality oil for 2-stroke engines, mixed according to the chainsaw manufacturers instructions. Also, ensure your fuel is as fresh as possible.

What is the mix ratio for chainsaw fuel?

Petrol chainsaws runs on a fuel mix made up of petrol and 2-stroke engine oil. Ensure you are using high-quality fuels and lubricants to improve the performance and lifespan of your petrol chainsaw. Find out more with our guide on STIHL chainsaw fuel mix.


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