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STIHL Battery Pole Chainsaws are exceptionally easy to use - they start by pushing a button. At STIHL SHOP we have a fixed length version as well as telescoping, both options offer quiet, powerful performance with zero emissions.
Cordless Battery Pole Pruner

Light and convenient, STIHL battery pole chainsaws are suitable for grounds maintenance, use in orchards or professional tree work. Our selection of battery pole pruners are quiet making them a perfect tool for urban areas. Offering an unmatched blend of convenience and efficiency, our battery pole chainsaws are fast becoming the preferred choice for both gardeners and professional landscapers.

Features of Battery Pole Pruners

Precision at Height, STIHL battery pole pruners feature sharp blades that can extend reach. Our battery pole pruners ensure that even the most elusive branches are pruned with precision. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of trees and shrubs but also promotes their health and vitality. 


The lightweight and balanced design along with an easy-grip handle make prolonged pruning sessions a breeze. Moreover, the power delivered by STIHL batteries ensures consistent and efficient pruning throughout their operational time, with no drop in power.

Caring for Your Cordless Battery Pole Pruner

A tool is only as good as the care it receives. And with battery pole pruners, a little attention can go a long way. To ensure the longevity of your cordless pole pruner, ensure the chainsaw is cleaned regularly after each use, it's advisable to clean the blades to remove sap and other residues. This not only ensures smooth operation but also prolongs the chain's sharpness. 


Over time, even the sharpest blades can dull. Periodic sharpening ensures that your pruner remains efficient and delivers clean cuts. Find out more about how to sharpen you chain here. Additionally, always inspect the blade for any signs of damage or wear!

Cordless Battery Pole Pruner Warranty at STIHL

Cordless pole pruners for private, home and/or farming use at STIHL come with a 2-year warranty. Alternatively, if you are using your battery pole pruner for professional use, this comes with a 6-month warranty. Read more about our warranty terms here.

Cordless Battery Pole Pruner FAQs

Below we answer the frequently asked questions on battery pole pruners. 

How do cordless Pole Pruners differ from traditional Pruners?

The primary difference lies in their power source. Cordless pole pruners are powered by batteries, eliminating the need for cords or petrol. This offers greater mobility, reduced noise, and a more user-friendly experience.

What factors influence the battery life of a Pole Pruner?

Several factors can impact battery life, including the battery's capacity, the pruner's power consumption, and the intensity of use. Regular maintenance and proper storage can also enhance battery longevity.

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