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STIHL HSA 94 R Battery Hedge Trimmer Tool (No Battery & Charger)

Product code:
4869 011 3541
  • Weight (kg): 4.4
  • Rated Voltage (V): 36
  • Bar/ total length (cm): 75/ 132
  • Working time: up to 380 min*


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1. Tools used for home/farming applications receive a 2 year warranty. Double the warranty of your STIHL 2 MIX, STIHL 4 MIX® and STIHL 2 Stroke petrol tools purchased online to 4 years by adding HP Ultra Oil (minimum 1L) to your purchase.

2. Tools used in a professional application receive a 6 month warranty

3. STIHL Polymer Bodied/decked Lawnmowers receive a 10 year warranty on the polymer body (not associated parts) the handle and the catcher.

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The HSA 94 R is ideal for professionals looking for a light weight and high quality battery Hedge Trimmer. It features a heavy-duty low noise brushless electric motor. A great attribute is the variable speed throttle trigger with three performance levels offering cutting speeds ranging from 2,800 to 3,200 strokes per minute. With high torque and wide tooth spacing, the HSA 94 R is ideal for the most demanding of jobs. The ergonomic handle is designed for maintaining operator comfort no matter which direction you are cutting. The battery is not inserted into the tool, rather there are a variety of options available that allow the operator to shift the battery weight to their back or hips for optimal weight distribution and user comfort.

The HSA 94 is part of our AP Cordless System - the battery can be used on a wide range of other tools from the AP range.

The STIHL AP BAG WITH CABLE accessory is required to transfer the energy from the AP Battery to the tool.

Run time with recommended AR 1000 battery: Up to 380 mins on Level 1, 320 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AP 100 battery: Up to 54 mins on Level 1, 42 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AP 200 battery: Up to 108 mins on Level 1, 84 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AP 300 battery: Up to 135 mins on Level 1, 105 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AP 300 S battery: Up to 167 mins on Level 1, 130 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AR 2000 battery: Up to 550 mins on Level 1, 450 mins Level 3/4

Run time with AR 3000 battery: Up to 700 mins on Level 1, 570 mins Level 3/4


Run times quoted are based on ideal operating conditions. Times will vary depending on load and conditions. 


Rated Voltage (V)


Weight (kg)


Tooth Spacing (mm)


Bar Length (cm)


Stroke Rate (rpm)


Total Length (cm)


Power Source


STIHL Battery System


Recommended Charger

AL 301

1) Weight without Battery
  • Quiet
    STIHL Cordless/Battery tools are so quiet you don't even need to wear ear protection.
  • Double-Sided Blade
    Double-Sided Blade
    STIHL double sided Hedge Trimmers blades provide a cleaner more efficient cut. This blade design is excellent for cutting stronger, thicker branches.
  • Blade Tip Protector
    Blade Tip Protector
    The tip protector helps protect the blades from damage when cutting near the ground or along walls.
  • Adjustable blade stroke
    Adjustable blade stroke
    It is possible to adjust the blade stroke using 3 settings . This means you can set the ideal blade speed for any task. The blade stroke is adjusted using the control cockpit on the rotary handle. The control cockpit rotates with the handle, so that the button is always within easy reach.
  • Rotary Handle
    Rotary Handle
    The handle rotates to the left and right, ensuring the best cutting position at all times.
  • Screwed on Cut Protection
    Screwed on Cut Protection
    The screwed on cut protection overlaps the working blades, this reduces the risk of the blades making contact with your leg. This can be replaced if worn.
  • STIHL Electric Motor (EC)
    STIHL Electric Motor (EC)
    The STIHL brushless electric motor (EC) is extremely energy efficient and does not require any maintenance. It ensures the tool has the optimum power output at all times. The motor runs quietly and generates very low vibrations.
  • Socket
    To transfer power, the socket in the tool is connected to a STIHL AP or AR Battery using the connecting cable. This means that the Battery can be conveniently worn on the body reducing the weight of the tool.

Q: Will the blades need sharpening?

A: Keeping the blades sharp will give a neat cut on whatever you are trimming. If you notice that the blades are getting jammed easily or the machine is struggling, the blades may need sharpening. Our STIHL SHOP retailers can do this for you.

Q: What should I wear when using this tool?

A: We recommend that you wear snug-fitting clothes, eye protection, gloves and sturdy boots or shoes, and tie back long hair.

Q: How long will the Battery last?

A: The recommended AR 1000 Battery will last up to 380 minutes, this does depend on what is being cut and how the tool is being used.

Q: How long does it take to charge?

A: To fully charge an AR 1000 Battery it takes 160 minutes, or to charge it up to 80%, it takes 130 minutes with the AL 301 charger.

Q: Are the Batteries Interchangeable?

A: Yes, all of the tools in the PRO Cordless System use the same style of battery. There are 7 different batteries in the range, which all have different capacities. For the HSA 94, we recommend the backpack AR 1000 battery as this will allow professional users to use the tool for a long periode of time, but you can use any of the other batteries in this range.

Q: Does the performance of the Battery reduce as it depletes?

A: No there is no gradual drop in performance – the battery runs at full power until it is fully depleted.

Q. Do I need any other Accessories to connect the Battery?

A: Yes, if you are using a battery from the AP range you will require the battery belt or carrying system with connecting cable. The AR battery comes complete with a carry system.

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