STIHL SHOP is a nationwide network of independent, locally owned specialist outdoor power equipment retailers. Every STIHL SHOP is operated by friendly approachable people who are passionate about outdoor power equipment. Full training and on-going support. Sites with real growth potential available across NZ.


STIHL SHOP is a group of independent, locally-owned specialist outdoor power equipment stores. Every STIHL SHOP is staffed by friendly, approachable people who know power equipment inside and out and have a focus on customer service and satisfaction.

STIHL is a family-owned German-based manufacturer of high technology products marketed worldwide under the STIHL brand. It is a name synonymous with leading edge technology, quality and reliability.

STIHL is committed to a network of specialist dealers as their exclusive retail distribution channel. It is a fundamental belief of the STIHL family that “high quality technical products” deserve the highest quality support and after-sales service.

In addition to the STIHL brand, STIHL SHOP offers a wide range of premium quality outdoor power equipment, along with fully equipped workshops and skilled technical staff to ensure full support is always provided for our customers.



STIHL SHOP Licensees own and operate their business under a Licence Agreement. Licensees adopt all the elements of the STIHL SHOP system, which consists of but is not limited to:

• Training programmes

• Retail operating standards

• Visual merchandising

• Store image and fit-out

• Retail marketing initiatives



STIHL SHOP offers critical advantages, leading to improved margins, profits and lifestyle. National retail branding and promotional marketing, combined with the STIHL SHOP retail system, provides Licensees with;

1. Strong brand awareness, producing increased sales revenue, especially from domestic customers attracted to this “expert” brand.

2. A national retail brand with operational support and systems to attract new entrants to your business. The increased goodwill associated with being part of a national brand, and the support it provides will help make any STIHL SHOP a success.

3. A distinctive STIHL SHOP look and feel with modern shop fittings designed to be attractive to a variety of different customer groups.

4. An ongoing STIHL SHOP retail support infrastructure that provides Licensees with the tools and support required to grow their business.

5. Extensive training programmes for Licensees and their staff.

6. Brand and retail marketing initiatives on a national and local basis.

7. Support of Licensee’s promotional activities through a central resource base which provides advertising, design and development assistance.

8. Licensee and product promotion through the STIHL SHOP website along with help with the development of websites for individual stores.

9. Group buying advantages for support equipment and services. This includes such things as point of sale material, stationery, computers and insurance.

10. Standardised store operating systems and procedures that are fully documented and continuously updated and upgraded.

11. Input from Licensees through regional meetings, regular communication and representation.

12. Business management and KPI development assistance including access to industry best practice benchmarking data.

Opportunities for new stores and passionate retailers are available across New Zealand. If would like further information or would like to discuss any aspect of the STIHL SHOP programme, please give us a call on 09 262 4000.



We are a brand of independent, locally owned specialist Garden Equipment Retailers. Every store is manned by friendly, approachable people who know Garden Equipment inside out and is completely set up for our customers. STIHL SHOP has come to be one of the most recognisable brands in the New Zealand retail landscape, and has been awarded Consumer New Zealand People’s Choice Award for the last three years running. Backed by the most sought after product brands in the industry such as STIHL, Masport, Cub Cadet and Honda you can rest assured you’d be joining the right team.

So who exactly owns your patch of land?

All STIHL SHOP stores are owner operated, so it’s your business. You own it, and pay a monthly Licence Fee to operate the business under the STIHL SHOP brand and to utilise the training programmes, retail operational standards and the national marketing actions. As you own it, the financial performance of your business is your responsibility. We can provide you with the proven tools to success; it is up to you how much you use them.

What does it cost to join the STIHL SHOP Group?

STIHL SHOP is a high performing licensed retail business. For the past 7 years since 2016, consumers voted STIHL SHOP as New Zealand’s best Hardware/Garden Equipment Retailer (source Consumer NZ), based on the level of trust the market has in our retail brand and the outstanding service supplied to customers by Licensees and their staff. Together with our exceptional Brand recognition, this forms a powerful base from which to start a new business. New store owners will benefit from the value that already exists in the STIHL SHOP brand, which is valued at $50,000 plus GST on a joining fee basis.

How are the fees calculated? And what are they spent on?

Each of the over 84 stores are charged an annual Licence Fee, which is 3.5% of sales turnover, charged on a monthly basis. This provides all Licensees with the STIHL SHOP systems, training programmes and national marketing as well as ongoing assistance from the STIHL SHOP National Support Team. Approximately 2% is spent on marketing and 1.5% on training systems. The STIHL SHOP Group aims to spend the total amount of collected fees on getting customers into the stores, and having them receive an exceptional customer experience from well-trained expert staff when they get there.

What does it cost to own a store?

Depending on whether you are purchasing an existing STIHL SHOP or creating a new one, cost will vary. But in any case you will need to have access to approximately $500,000 to comfortably get your new business up and running. This will cover off any store imaging and fit out requirements and the stock required for operating from day one. Funding support is available to suitable applicants.

How much money will I make?

That’s completely up to you, as it’s your business. But it is proven that, properly followed and adhered to, the principles of the STIHL SHOP Retail Programme are both sound and proven, and will lay the platform for the future success of your business. Backed by the best product brands and support structure in the industry you can be assured that you will be rewarded for all your efforts and hard work.

How do I find out more?

If you’re interested to find out more in detail on the STIHL SHOP Programme, and what opportunities exist today then please complete the form on the “Enquire Now” button and we will send you an Information Pack.

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