Oils & Lubricants

Keep your STIHL Chainsaws and other STIHL petrol Machines in top condition with our multi-function lubricants and oils. STIHL premium engine oils get the best possible acceleration and service life from our engines. STIHL Oils and Lubricants are developed and formulated by STIHL for STIHL. We even have a Bio Chain Lubricant which is environmentally friendly and 90% biodegradable.
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  1. Promotion
    STIHL Mixing Bottle
    STIHL Mixing Bottle
    Special Price $11.45 Regular Store Price $13.50
  2. Promotion
    STIHL 4-Stroke Engine Oil SAE 30
    STIHL 4-Stroke Engine Oil SAE 30
    • High-performance engine oil for 4-stroke engines
    • With high-quality base oils and additives
    • Ideal lubrication and low consumption
    As low as $8.45
  3. Promotion
    4-Stroke Engine Oil 10W-30
    STIHL 4-Stroke Engine Oil 10W-30
    • High-quality four-stroke oil for a wide range of uses
    • Excellent lubricating and combustion properties
    • Specially developed for the requirements of 4-stroke engines
    As low as $8.45
  4. Promotion
    STIHL Multi Use Bio Oil
    STIHL Multi Use Bio Oil
    • Environmentally friendly oil
    • 90% biodegradable, consists of 90% renewable raw materials
    • Multi-function oil for lubrication, cleaning, as corrosion protection and creep oil
    Special Price $14.90 Regular Store Price $17.50
  5. Promotion
    STIHL Fuel Can 5 Litre
    STIHL Fuel Can 5 Litre
    Special Price $22.10 Regular Store Price $26.00
  6. Promotion
    STIHL FS Super Lube
    STIHL FS Super Lube
    As low as $14.45
  7. Promotion
    STIHL Multi Lube
    STIHL Multi Lube
    As low as $22.10
Oils & Lubricants
The life of a powertool and how well it functions depends on the quality of the fuels, oils and lubricants used. This is why STIHL offers a high-quality range, tailored precisely to the needs of their tools.