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Keep your STIHL Chainsaws and other STIHL petrol Machines in top condition with our multi-function lubricants and oils. STIHL premium engine oils get the best possible acceleration and service life from our engines. STIHL Oils and Lubricants are developed and formulated by STIHL for STIHL. We even have a Bio Chain Lubricant which is environmentally friendly and 90% biodegradable.
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The life of a powertool and how well it functions depends on the quality of the fuels, oils and lubricants used. This is why STIHL offers a high-quality range, tailored precisely to the needs of their tools.

The Importance of Quality Lubricants and Oils

The Role of Lubricants in Extending Tool Lifespan

Every power tool, from chainsaws to trimmers, relies on lubricants to reduce friction between its moving parts. Quality lubricants ensure these parts move smoothly, reducing wear and tear, and thereby extending the tool's lifespan.

How Quality Oils Enhance Tool Performance

Just as a car runs better with quality engine oil, power tools perform better with superior oils. They ensure the engine runs smoothly, reduces the chances of overheating, and maintains consistent performance.

The Difference Between Engine Oils and Lubricants

While both are essential for power tools, engine oils are specifically designed for the internal components of an engine, ensuring smooth operation. In contrast, lubricants are used on various parts of a tool, like chains or blades, to reduce friction.

General Tips for Maintaining Power Tools

Regular Checks and the Role of Lubrication

Routine checks can identify issues before they become problems. Regular lubrication, as part of these checks, ensures your tools remain in top condition.

Storage Tips to Prolong Tool Life

Store tools in a cool, dry place. Ensure they're clean and well-lubricated before storage to prevent rust and degradation.

Recognizing When to Replace or Replenish Oils and Lubricants

Over time, oils can degrade and lubricants can wear off. Recognizing the signs, like increased friction or reduced tool performance, can help you know when it's time for a change. You should also not leave oil in your tool if you will not be using it for more than a month. Empty the oil and run the tool dry before storing it.

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