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STIHL RMA 765 V Battery Lawn Mower Tool (no Battery & Charger)

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6392 011 1407
  • Cutting height (mm): 25-100 (8 settings)
  • Cutting width (cm): 63
  • Weight (kg): 44
  • Area with recommended battery (m²)*: 3100


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1. Tools used for home/farming applications receive a 2 year warranty. Double the warranty of your STIHL 2 MIX, STIHL 4 MIX® and STIHL 2 Stroke petrol tools purchased online to 4 years by adding HP Ultra Oil (minimum 1L) to your purchase.

2. Tools used in a professional application receive a 6 month warranty

3. STIHL Polymer Bodied/decked Lawnmowers receive a 10 year warranty on the polymer body (not associated parts) the handle and the catcher.

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Designed for high performance and long run times the STIHL RMA 765 V Battery Lawnmower is an excellent choice for professional contractors, landscapers and groundskeepers. With a wide 63 cm cutting width and large 80 litre catcher the RMA 765 V Lawnmower is designed for cutting large areas of grass. 

With wheel controlled cutting height adjustment, pivoting front wheels and self-propulsion this Lawnmower is easy to operate and maneuver. The aluminium deck with replaceable polymer liner is robust and durable.

The RMA 765 V is powered by an efficient brushless motor and features ECO-Mode which increases battery life when activated. This Lawnmower is a great option for large scale mowing in noise sensitive areas.

To run the RMA 765 V with an AP battery the following accessories are needed: battery belt with AP holster plus connecting cable.

Run time with the recommended AR 3000 L battery: Up to 3,100 m²

Run time with AP 300 battery: Up to 300 m². Requires the Ada 700 Dual Battery Adapter

Run time with AP 300 S battery: Up to 400 m² Requires the Ada 700 Dual Battery Adapter

Run time with AR 2000 L battery: Up to 2,050 m²


Rated Voltage (V)


Cutting width (cm)


Cutting height (mm)

25-100 (8 settings)

Mulching Function

Sold as an optional accessory

Weight (kg)


Catcher (L)



Aluminium with polymer liner

Power Source


Battery System


Area with Recommended Battery (m²)


Recommended Charger

AL 500

1) Weight without Battery
  • Self-propelled
    Automatically provides forward momentum to make mowing much easier this is especially useful on large lawns and inclines.
  • Robust Height-Adjustment
    This model features independent height adjustment for each of the 4 wheels. Smoothly select from 7 stages of height using the lock leaver to suit your specific needs.
  • ECO-Mode Mode
    When activated through the control panel on the handles, rotational speed is reduced by 20% for higher levels of efficiency, allowing you to mow for longer periods of time.
  • Flow-Optimised Cutting Blades
    Flow-Optimised Cutting Blades
    The two blades reduce battery consumption by only moving as much air as necessary, allowing for larger areas of lawn to be mowed on a single battery charge.
  • Textile Grass Catcher
    Textile Grass Catcher
    The large tear-resistant 80 L grass catcher is well balanced and comfortable to carry. The level indicator will let you know when it is full.
  • Height-Adjustable Mono-Comfort Handlebar
    Height-Adjustable Mono-Comfort Handlebar
    The handle can be adjusted to your preferred height without the use of tools to ensure comfortable and ergonomic mowing. The handlebar can also be folded for easier transport.
  • Swivelling Front Wheels
    Swivelling Front Wheels
    Allows for easy manoeuvring around obstacles. The cutting height can also be adjusted for each wheel to suit specific needs.

Q: What size garden will it mow?

A: With the recommended AR 3000 L Battery, this Lawnmower will mow a large sized lawn of up to 3,100 m².

Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?

A: To fully charge an AR 3000 L Battery with an AL 500 charger, it takes 220 minutes, but you can charge it up to 80% in 170 minutes.

Q: Are the batteries interchangeable?

A: The RMA 765 V is specifically designed for the large capacity STIHL backpack batteries these batteries are predominately used in the STIHL battery tools which have a socket connection.

Q: What Should I Wear?

A: We recommend that you wear sturdy boots or shoes and snug-fitting clothes and eye protection.

Q: Will I need to sharpen the blades?

A: Keeping the Lawnmower blades sharp will give your lawn a better finish. You can have your blades sharpened at your nearest STIHL SHOP.

Q: Does the performance of the Battery reduce as it depletes?

A: No there is no gradual drop in performance – the battery runs at full power until it is fully depleted.

Q: How should I clean my Lawnmower?

A: If you wish to clean your Battery Lawnmower use a damp cloth or soft brush. For safety reasons tie your hair back and wear gloves.

Q: Where should I store my Lawnmower?

A: In a dry clean place away from where children have access.

Q: How do I look after my Battery?

A: Don't get it wet or use it in extreme temperatures.


Service intervals

This Battery Lawnmower is built to have a long service life, allowing more use between services.

Height adjustment

The 4 independent wheels can be set to different heights using the lock leaver.

Mowing for longer

If you require longer battery life during larger jobs, ECO-Mode can be activated using the control panel on the handle. This increases efficiency by reducing the rotational speed by 20%.


This Lawnmower comes equipped with a Safety Disablement Key that can disable the Lawnmower when it is not in use for added levels of safety.

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