STIHL Autocut C 26-2


The AutoCut C 26-2 is the standard cutting attachment for professional weed eaters. This mowing head can take up to 8m of the STIHL 2.4 mm orange trimmer line, or up to 7 m of the STIHL 2.7 mm red trimer line.

Follow the video below to reload your trimmer line.

  1. 1. Align the grooved line on the head with the arrows on either side of the outer ring.
  2. 2. Take one end of the nylon line and push it into the eyelet.
  3. 3. Keep pushing until the line comes out the other side of the head.
  4. 4. Pull the line half way through so that you have half the length of the trimmer line on either side of the head.
  5. 5. Turn the spool in the direction of the arrows to wind up the mowing line into the head. It can be achieved by either palming the spool or placing your fingers into the spool’s recesses.
  6. 6. Turn until the remaining ends of the line are as close to the line limiter as possible; trim any excess line.


When Nylon Line is stored it can become brittle and difficult to work with, we recommend soaking the new mowing line in water for at least 24 hours before loading it in your Grass Trimmer. Hydrating the nylon line increases its elasticity. You can keep the mowing line wrapped around the reel and place it directly into the water.