STIHL AS Battery system

Introducing the STIHL STIHL AS Battery system icon Battery System -  the perfect solution for all your garden maintenance needs.  Whether you're a hobby gardener who loves to tend to your lawn and trees, or simply need to tackle minor seasonal maintenance tasks, these tools are designed to make your job easy and efficient.

The STIHL AS Battery tools are small in size, making them easy to store when not in use, yet they still offer high performance and endurance. The same lithium-ion replaceable battery is compatible with the STIHL HSA 26, STIHL GTA 26 and STIHL SEA 20. The HSA 26 Small Hedge Trimmer & Grass Trimmer is the perfect tool for trimming hedges and cutting grasses. The GTA 26 Battery Pruner is ideal for pruning branches from smaller trees and shrubs and the SEA 20 Hald-held Vacuum Cleaner is a handy vacuum cleaner perfect for effortless cleaning of small areas.

These tools are perfect for your garden and around the home as they are so easy to use – just pick one up and get going!




The HSA 26 Hedge Trimmer and Grass Trimmer is extremely lightweight, weighing just 1kg (including the battery), and it is quiet and comfortable to use, thanks to its rubberized, ergonomic handle. It also has an LED indicator to show you the remaining battery level at the touch of a button. With a full charge, you can get approximately 120 minutes of working time with the hedge trimmer blade, which is enough time to trim around 30 box tree spheres.


The HSA 26 Small Battery Hedge Trimmer and Grass Trimmer is a versatile tool offering great value as it comes with both a shrub/hedge trimmer blade and a grass blade included. These blades can be easily swapped out in seconds, ensuring that you always have the appropriate tool on hand. The shrub blade is 20cm long and features teardrop-shaped teeth that effectively guide branches and leaves into the cutting area. This same design is used on many of our standard-sized hedge trimmers, ensuring a precise and professional finish on your hedges, especially when used for topiary trimming.

Once your hedges are trimmed to perfection, you can easily change the blade on the HSA 26 Hedge Trimmer and Grass Trimmer. Place the orange cover over the blade and press the buttons on each side of the base to release the blade. You can then replace it with the grass cutter blade, which is a 12cm wide blade that is perfect for trimming lawn edges or small patches of grass. This feature allows you to quickly and efficiently switch between tasks.

The HSA 26 Kit comes with both of the blades as standard, as well as an AS 2 battery and an AL 1 charger, all packed into a handy fabric carry case, which keeps all of the kit neat and tidy and can even be mounted on the wall using the eyelets on the back.


If you plan on using the grass cutting blade on a regular basis and want to avoid constant bending, the HSA 26 Telescopic Shaft is a useful accessory to consider. It is easily installed by inserting it into the battery slot and inserting the battery into the other end of the shaft, allowing you to use the HSA 26 while standing up. The shaft is even extendable from 95-110cm, and the angle of the head can be adjusted from 125-180 degrees.



Introducing the GTA 26 Battery Pruner - the second tool in the STIHL AS Battery range that uses the same battery. This cordless battery tool is ideal for pruning branches from smaller trees and shrubs, making it a great choice for maintaining your outdoor spaces. But its versatility doesn't stop there - it's also great for cutting garden waste and even for DIY projects such as building raised garden beds or playhouses (depending on your carpentry skills).

The GTA 26 Battery Pruner features a 10cm guide bar and a ¼” Picco Micro 3 saw chain, which have been developed using our many years of experience in manufacturing some of the world’s best-selling petrol chainsaws. This ensures that you can be confident in getting an excellent clean cut every time you use it. 

Like the HSA 26, the GTA 26 comes in its own fabric carry case, complete with battery and charger. It also features an LED battery level indicator, so you'll never be caught without enough battery life when you're in the middle of a project.


The chain on the GTA 26 Battery Pruner is designed to be easily replaced or removed for sharpening without the use of any additional tools, making it simple to ensure that it is always sharp and ready for use. Additionally, the GTA 26 comes with a small bottle of Multioil Bio lubricant for the chain, which is not only practical but also environmentally friendly. This lubricant is made from 90% renewable raw materials and is 90% biodegradable, which means less impact on the environment as well as prolonging the life of the chain by providing proper lubrication.

You’ll get around 25 minutes of battery run time out of the GTA 26 Battery Pruner, which is enough time to make around 80 cuts in branches with a 4cm diameter, but the battery charges in around 70 minutes, so you’ll be ready to go again in just over an hour.

The GTA 26 is easy to use – just hold the main handle in one hand and rest your second hand on the black, rubberised handle on the top of the tool to guide it through the cut.



Third in the line up is the STIHL SEA 20 - the ultimate battery handheld vacuum cleaner for effortless cleaning of small areas. The SEA 20 is perfect for private use, allowing you to vacuum and clean dry surfaces around the house, garage, workshop, vehicle, or balcony quickly and easily. Its lithium-ion battery from the STIHL AS system means you can clean quietly, conveniently, and without the hassle of cords.


The STIHL SEA 20 is designed with user comfort in mind, weighing in at just 1.1kg and featuring an ergonomic soft handle. The start button can easily be operated with either hand, making it a convenient choice for both left or right-handed users. Plus, with the locking solution, you can operate it continuously without needing to keep the gear lever pressed.


The LED indicator allows you to easily check the remaining battery level with the touch of a button. This way, you can plan your cleaning tasks accordingly and not be caught off guard by a dead battery. With a full charge, the SEA 20 provides approximately 14 minutes of working time, giving you plenty of time to tackle small cleaning jobs around the house. Powered by a 10.8V motor, this lightweight vacuum cleaner delivers exceptional power.


The SEA 20 also includes a range of versatile accessories and attachments, including a pick up nozzle - for coarse dirt, Brush attachment - for delicate surfaces, crevice nozzle - for hard-to-reach places, extension tube and vacuum hose - to extend the attached nozzles. When you're done cleaning, simply store the SEA 20 in the included storage bag to save space.


With its flexible check valve and 2-stage filter system, the SEA 20 offers reliable dirt collection and efficient air filtration. The check valve, situated behind the suction nozzle, securely holds dirt in the collection container, preventing leakage. Additionally, the collection container is designed for easy cleaning and emptying, simply remove the container and empty. Plus, the 2-stage filter system is highly effective and a breeze to clean and reuse, it allows for effective air filtration while maintaining air flow. To clean the filter, remove the container, then remove the filter and filter basket and tap them together over a rubbish bin to remove excess dirt.

For a fast, efficient, and convenient cleaning of small areas in and around your home, the STIHL SEA 20 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is the perfect tool. Don't settle for mediocre cleaning results - instead, experience the difference with the powerful performance of the STIHL SEA 20 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner.