STIHL RMA 443 Battery Lawnmower

Meet Jochen, the Managing Director of STIHL NZ, your all-time favourite outdoor power equipment brand. Like many Kiwis, Jochen spends his weekends tending to his lawn and garden. His lawnmower of choice is the STIHL RMA 443 Battery Lawnmower – this lawnmower is designed for large gardens or even commercial lawnmower operators. Let's find out why it's Jochen's top pick for lawn maintenance

The STIHL RMA 443 Lawnmower is part of the STIHL AP Battery System, a lineup of versatile battery-powered tools crafted for professionals and large property owners. Engineered to excel in the most demanding work environments, this range ensures top-tier performance and unwavering reliability. These powerful tools are the ultimate choice for those seeking efficiency and high performance to tackle their tasks with confidence.

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Jochen: The RMA 443 is incredibly easy to manage and move around. It comes with built-in lifting handles at the front and back of the lawnmower's body, which allows me to effortlessly lift and carry it off my Ute.

An advantage of the RMA 443 is that its battery-powered and has a plastic construction, making it lightweight. This means you can easily pick it up and move it around, a task that would be more challenging with a conventional steel or alloy machine.


Jochen: The mower has a mono handle which I find very helpful in several ways. First, it lets you reach the grass catcher without bumping your head or shoulder on the handlebars. Plus, you can easily set the handlebar to your preferred height, making sure the lawnmower feels just right. And when it's time to put it away, this lawnmower is a real space-saver. Just fold the handle bar and you’re done! 


Jochen: You can easily set your desired lawn height with the central cutting height adjustment which has 6 height settings. Just use the spring loaded lever for a quick and effortless change.


Jochen: What's truly impressive is that even after mowing a large area of around 270m², the RMA 443 still had plenty of battery power left. The LED lights indicate how much battery power remains, and at the end of my lawn mowing , all four still lit up. Plus, with an extra battery slot available, you can always have backup power ready to keep working without any interruptions.

The RMA 443 has a "one to go, one to stow" system, where you can keep one battery in the top compartment while using the other. This efficient design eliminates the need to interrupt your mowing to get an additional battery when tackling a larger lawn.

The RMA 443 can mow up to 400 square metres on a single charge with the AP 200 battery. However, you can also choose the AP 300 battery which can mow up to 500 square metres per charge or the AP 300 S battery which can mow up to 600 square metres.


Jochen: The grass catcher on the RMA 443 is pretty awesome. It picks up every last piece of grass without any bits left on your lawn, so your lawn looks impeccable. There's no need to guess when it's time to empty it, the mower has this clever level indicator that pops up when it's full and it's the easiest thing to empty. This feature really streamlines the whole process and saves you time and effort.

The catcher is made of plastic and has vents on all sides that face downward to ensure you won't get covered in dirt and dust while mowing. To empty it, you just pull the back flat, and it opens up fully, which is quite convenient.

The blades perform both cutting and flicking actions, while the fan forces the air back into the catcher. The strong airflow generated by this design ensures excellent grass collection.

You can install a mulching kit, which can be purchased separately. This kit finely shreds the grass while mowing, and the clippings are returned to the lawn as a nutrient-rich fertilizer. The kit includes a multi-blade and a mulching insert.


Jochen: Starting the lawnmower is as easy as it gets with the push-to-start button - you can kick off your mowing tasks instantly. Push the button, hold it in, and pull the handle to get it going. Plus, you can activate ECO mode, which automatically adjusts the blade speed to match your lawn's conditions. 

Eco Mode causes the lawnmower to operate at a slower speed to save battery power. As soon as you encounter a thicker patch of grass, the engine speed will automatically increase to tackle it. If you have a large, uninterrupted lawn to mow, you can switch off eco mode and operate the lawnmower at full speed continuously. In addition, there's a key you can use to secure the battery compartment, preventing unauthorized access, just take the key out and it's safe for kids to be around.


Another advantage of battery-powered Lawnmowers is that you can tip them upside down, which makes it easy for blade sharpening, deck cleaning and clearing any debris. This is something you would not attempt on a petrol mower.

The plastic used, which we refer to as ballistic-proof polymer plastic, is exceptionally robust, it is a fibre reinforced polymer which will absorb heavy impacts while still remaining light weight.  


We provide a 10-year domestic warranty on the chassis and mono handle, which reflects our high level of confidence in its durability and longevity.


I actually enjoy mowing my lawn with the STIHL RMA 443 Battery lawnmower, and I would recommend it to anyone with a large lawn or contractors who want a quality mower that is light and easy to use with some additional great features.

It's a breeze to handle and transport, and those lifting handles make loading and unloading from my Ute super easy. The best part? I can mow a large area while still keeping almost a full battery charge. The grass-catching ability is top-notch. Even when the catcher is full, it leaves no grass behind. And that indicator to signal when it needs emptying? Such a time-saver!

What I love most is how robust and user-friendly this lawnmower is. The ergonomic mono handle design allows me to easily access the catcher, and the adjustable height makes mowing super comfortable. Believe it or not, I can finish my entire 270m² lawn in just 20 minutes. This lawnmower is a game-changer!


  • Cutting height: 25mm-75mm (6 settings)
  • Cutting width: 41cm
  • Weight: 21kg (without battery)
  • ECO Mode
  • Catcher: 55L
  • 10-year warranty on polymer body, handle & catcher
  • Cutting height: 25mm-75mm (6 settings)
  • Cutting width: 41cm
  • Weight: 21kg (without battery)
  • ECO Mode
  • Catcher: 55L
  • 10-year warranty on polymer body, handle & catcher