Man spray-washing his bike with the STIHL high pressure cleaner RE 130 in front of his house

Water Blasters are an incredibly useful tool to have in the garage, as they are faster and more effective than using a hose and will take the hard work out of your weekend cleaning jobs. If you are thinking about buying yourself a Water Blaster but are not sure how often you would use it, or have one sitting in the garage that has not been used in a while, check out our list for all the common uses around the home and garden and you'll see what a versatile tool they are.


Man cleaning his car with Stihl pressure washer with foam nozzle
Man cleaning his car with Stihl pressure washer with foam nozzle

A dirty car not only ruins its appearance; it can also damage the exterior and reduce the car's value.

Achieve the same professional pressure washing results you'd expect from a commercial car wash at home with our range of STIHL Water Blasters. The high-pressure nozzles blast away layers of dirt faster and easier than conventional hand-washing. We’d recommend getting yourself a Foam Nozzle which, when combined with our Auto Wash & Wax, can help loosen the toughest dirt. AND don't forget to shut the car windows!

When cleaning the car the pressure on the Water Blaster can be set to high if needed (Unless your vehicle has rust bubbles - You risk damaging the paint if your car has rust bubbles on the surface and the pressure is too high). When using your Water Blaster to clean bikes be wary of using too much pressure, as you risk damaging the bearings and seals.


Because of the size and shapes of bins, and the fact that they are often a bit gross, this is a job that many people don't want to do.

If you own a Water Blaster, this awful task can be completed in less than a minute. Simply turn the bin on its side and blast out the worst of the residue. A cleaning liquid can also be added for really tough bins.


After an afternoon of mowing the lawns, more work is probably the last thing you want to think about, however like any other tool a Lawnmower needs cleaning after use to remain efficient.

Wet grass can surround the blade and fill the edges of the mower deck, while big clumps can be removed by hand from the underside (when the mower is off of course!), a Waterblaster can make this job simple and quick. We wouldn’t advise using a Water Blaster on other parts of the mower, cleaning the handles or top of the machine should be done by hand.

This does not include Battery-powered Lawnmowers. Always refer to your Owners Manual before pressure washing your Lawnmower.


High-pressure cleaner RE 110 with surface cleaner RA 82
High-pressure cleaner RE 110 with surface cleaner RA 82

Particularly after a long winter, Kiwi decks and patios are prone to being covered in layers of grime and algae.

A great way of tackling this task is by using a Patio Cleaner with your Water Blaster as they are designed to clean large surfaces quickly. The patio cleaners have two constantly spinning nozzles, the advantage of this is that they are not focused for long periods on one point. 

Plan the cleaning ahead. Waterblast your deck a couple of days prior to the oiling to allow it enough time to dry. Oil your deck on a warm and sunny day as dry wood takes new treatments better.

Be careful: decks made of softwoods such as beech and pine are more prone to surface damage when water blasted. Clean softwood decks with a stiff broom and scrubbing brush.


Man cleaning yard with rotary nozzle
Man cleaning yard with rotary nozzle

Over time, dirt accumulates on outdoor surfaces, it is particularly noticeable if the surface is light in colour. You will be amazed at just how easily a Water Blaster can eradicate this dirt and grime, improving the overall appearance of your outdoor area.

Wet your pavers and leave them for a little while to soften any stubborn areas of dirt. Then, take your Water Blaster and slowly make your way over your pavers. Do this twice a year to keep your pavers looking great all year round.


Woman cleans the tiles of a pool with a STIHL high-presure cleaner RE 110
Woman cleans the tiles of a pool with a STIHL high-presure cleaner RE 110

There is no denying that your house looks better when it is clean. Brick and wood exteriors are magnets for dirt, grime and mould and a Water Blaster can cut down your cleaning time massively. You can also try a Patio Cleaner on your walls as it works effectively on vertical surfaces and will give you great results.


A Water Blaster is the most efficient way to clean your fence because you can cover a large surface area and distance in a short amount of time and with relative ease. Apply moderate pressure and a mild detergent as wood fences are generally quite soft and you want to avoid damaging the surface with too much force.

We recommend a Patio Cleaner attachment for the best results not just because of its ability to work on vertical surfaces, but also due to the reduced risk of damaging softer wood surfaces as this attachment has no single pressure point like a standard nozzle.


When was the last time you cleaned your garage? Chances are it is spotted with oil stains, dirt and other debris which has built up over the years. Give it a good cleaning at a low pressure setting and apply a degreasing solution. Let the solution sit for a few minutes and then switch to a higher setting to rinse it off.



Much like the deck, over winter outdoor furniture will become ingrained with dirt and mould - and of course, no one wants to sit on or eat off that!

Using a STIHL Water Blaster makes the process of cleaning these surfaces effortless – saving a lot of time and producing great results. We recommend a seasonal blast to keep your outdoor furniture clean.

While it is perfectly safe to pressure wash your wooden furniture made of hardwoods such as oak and teak, this can strip the furniture off its oil, so ensure you re-oil everything as soon as it dries out. This will also help increase the lifespan of your furniture.

If your furniture is made of softwood such as pine and beech, wash it by hand as using a Water Blaster may damage the surface.


Use the STIHL Gutter Kit with your Water Blaster to make the task of cleaning your gutters a lot easier, quicker and hassle-free. This attachment allows you to clean the inside of your gutter from the ground. Start with a higher pressure setting to loosen stubborn sections of broken-down leaf waste. Once you’ve cleared the bulk of the material, run over the same area with lower pressure a second time to wash down the gutter for a final cleaning. 


Have you ever stood there, staring at your barbeque and wondered if there’s a better and easier way to clean it before your whole family arrives for a BBQ? If that sounds familiar, we’ve got some good news for you!

Using your High Pressure Water Blaster to blast off last season’s grease and grime is a faster, more efficient way of getting your outdoor barbeque back in top shape. Remove the drip tray. Disconnect the gas bottle and seal off the gas hoses. Be sure to detach all the electrical before getting started. Apply degreaser to the grill from the bottom up. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes and then water blast it top down.


No matter what cleaning job you are doing always start further away from the surface and then move in gradually.