STIHL Blowers are able to move loose debris with ease, while a STIHL ShredderVac can both expel and vacuum-and-shred fallen leaves.

With options ranging from petrol to electric to backpack - there is something to suit your job, and your preference.



STIHL Blowers render brooms and rakes relics of the past. Clear fallen leaves, grass trimmings and other debris around the property or in large public areas.

Shredder Vacs

STIHL Shredder Vacs remove leaves and light refuse out of every corner. And with the blower tube that is supplied as standard, they can be easily converted into Blowers.

Backpack Blowers

For large-scale tasks such as the professional cleaning of parks, public spaces and event venues, STIHL Backpack Blowers are specialists in efficiency.