From Vacuum Cleaners, Sprayers, Log Splitters and Harvesters, STIHL SHOP has everything you need and you are sure to find it right here. 

Vacuum Cleaners

STIHL ensure cleanliness with powerful wet and dry Vacuums. STIHL wet and dry Vacuums are equipped to handle the most diverse cleaning tasks.


Fruit and nut harvesting is a breeze with STIHL's powerful Harvesting Tools.

Lawn Tillers

A selection of Tillers from Rover, sold exclusively at STIHL SHOP.

Pruning Shears

Whether your job involves pruning and tree care in gardens, parks, plantations or nurseries, one thing's certain: the STIHL ASA 85 always gives a powerful cut.


Highly maneuverable STIHL MistBlowers and Sprayers are ideal for steep and narrow vineyards, fruit plantations, and large vegetable fields. With STIHL MistBlowers and Sprayers, wherever you can walk, you can now mist and spray.


Gift Cards and Finance

STIHL SHOP Gift Cards and Q-Card Finance.

Log Splitters

A powerful cutter that won’t tire you out. The individually adjustable blade opening can be adapted to suit different-sized branches, saving both time and energy.