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STIHL RE 80 X Electric Water Blaster

Product code:
RE02 011 4559
  • Working PSI: 1450
  • Working Water Flow Rate (L/min): 5.8
  • 5m textile mesh hose


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1. Tools used for home/farming applications receive a 2 year warranty. Double the warranty of your STIHL 2 MIX, STIHL 4 MIX® and STIHL 2 Stroke petrol tools purchased online to 4 years by adding HP Ultra Oil (minimum 1L) to your purchase.

2. Tools used in a professional application receive a 6 month warranty

3. STIHL Polymer Bodied/decked Lawnmowers receive a 10 year warranty on the polymer body (not associated parts) the handle and the catcher.

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Experience the power of easy cleaning with the STIHL RE 80 X Water Blaster – your compact solution for tackling those everyday messes with ease and efficiency. At an unbeatable price, this entry-level cleaner is perfect for swift and simple cleaning tasks around your home and garden. Lightweight, the STIHL RE 80 X is designed for convenience. With no bulky trolley or cumbersome wheels, it's easy to store. Simply slide it onto a shelf, tuck it into a cupboard, or load it into your vehicle.

The aluminum pump head, delivers a maximum pressure of 120 bar. Say goodbye to dirt and grime on your decks, cars, and outdoor furniture. The STIHL RE 80 X comes with two standard nozzles to address a wide array of cleaning challenges. The adjustable fan jet nozzle gently cares for sensitive surfaces, while the rotary nozzle tackles the most stubborn dirt with a concentrated jet, ensuring thoroughness and precision. With the convenience of quick-release couplings, the 5-meter high-pressure hose attaches rapidly and securely to both the unit and the gun. Post-cleanup, the high-pressure lance, hose, and other accessories can be neatly stored directly on the cleaner.

The STIHL RE 80 X is backed by a 2-year domestic warranty. Plus, with access to ongoing service and support from your local STIHL SHOP, you can rest assured your investment is secure.


Working PSI/Bar


Max PSI/Bar


Working Water Flow Rate (litre/min)


Max Water Flow Rate (litre/min)


Pump Head Type


Hose Type

Textile Mesh

Hose Length (m)


Power Source


Weight (kg)


  • Anti-Twist Coupling
    Anti-Twist Coupling
    Prevents the hose from getting annoying twists, therefore you can use its full length.
  • Detergent Spray Set
    Detergent Spray Set
    The detergent spray bottle can be attached to the spray lance to mix in detergent. This is great when there are really tough areas to clean.
  • Quick Release Coupling
    The quick release coupling allows for a swift and secure connection of the spray lance to the machine, enabling easy setup.
  • Quick Connection System
    The quick connection system enables fast and secure connection from the hose to the machine, reducing set up time.
  • Rotary Nozzle
    Rotary Nozzle
    The rotary jet nozzle has a powerful pencil jet that can be concentrated on particular areas where dirt has built up.
  • Fan-Jet Nozzle
    Fan-Jet Nozzle
    The fan jet nozzle is perfect when you need to cover large surface areas quickly. It is possible to vary the pressure.
  • Built in Accessories Holder
    Built in Accessories Holder
    This handy built-in holder helps you keep track of all your accessories
  • Easy Storage
    Lightweight and compact design, allows for convenient storage on shelfs, cupboards or vehicles.

Q: Who is this Water Blaster for?

A: This is a perfect machine for all small to medium home cleaning tasks. Its compact and light design also makes it very easy to move around your property.

Q: Does this Water Blaster come with a warranty?

A: Yes - This product comes with a 2-year domestic warranty.

Q: What accessories are available for this machine?

A: This Water Blaster can fit a range of STIHL Cleaning Attachments that are available online for Home Delivery and Click & Collect.

Q: What should I wear while using this Water Blaster?

A: We recommend wearing sturdy work boots or shoes that have a good grip, as well as googles to protect your eyes from debris or any splashing.


Using your Water Blaster

Take care not to hold the lance too close to a surface for too long as the high water pressure may cause damage. Before turning on, make sure the water supply is properly connected and sufficiently feeding the pump.

Cleaning your machine

After use, wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth, and ensure that the water being used is clean and free of any abrasives.

Receiving ongoing advice and parts

Your local STIHL SHOP is happy to help you with any questions you might have with this machine. STIHL also make parts for at least 10 years after they have stopped making a machine.

Using the nozzles

The RE 80 comes with 2 nozzles: the fan-jet nozzle is perfect for cleaning larger areas, while the rotary nozzle is particularly useful for more targeted jobs.

For even better results

We recommend using STIHL Auto Wash & Wax for tackling tough grime and dirt on your boat, car or other machinery

Keeping safe

Do not point the Water Blaster at others, and ensure the electricity supply is kept clear from any water exposure.

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