Medium/Large Lawn

STIHL RMI 632 P Robotic IMOW Lawnmower

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6309 012 1416
  • Cutting height (mm): 20-60
  • Cutting width (cm): 28
  • Maximum Lawn Area (m²): 4000


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The RMI 632 Robotic Lawnmower has a more powerful battery and larger cutting width and can therefore handle larger lawns up to 4000 m². The control panel is removable so you can carry out the programming without needing to bend down. The RMA 632 is fully automatic so it will mow, and charge at it's own schedule. If the Battery runs low or it starts to rain the iMOW® will return to the docking station. You will not even need to rake the grass clippings because the RMI 632 has a mulching blade that finely shreds the grass putting vital nutrients back into the lawn.

There are 15 different cutting heights from 20 - 60mm to suit your preference and lawn type.

Buy a iMOW® and free up your weekends!

The price displayed does not include the cost of installation. At STIHL SHOP, we have trained experts that will perfectly install your MOW® to suit your garden. 



Maximum Lawn Area (m²)


Charge Time (mins)


Average Mowing time per charge (mins)


Cutting width (cm)


Cutting height (mm)


Maximum Degree of Slope


Mulching Function


Weight (kg)


Dimensions (LxWxH)


Power Source

Lithium-Ion Battery

Weekly Mowing Duration Under Ideal Conditions (hours)


  • Bright LCD Display
    Bright LCD Display
    The control panel is integrated into the housing of the mower and features a large easy to read (even in sunlight) screen. The controls are intuitive and it's easy to view all the performance data for the Lawnmower.
  • Movable Hood
    Movable Hood
    Protects the iMOW® from weather and obstacles. The sensors integrated into the hood detect contact and initiate a change of direction.
  • All Round Sensors
    All Round Sensors
    As soon as someone tries to pick it up while moving, the iMOW® stops. It is also possible to set a PIN number to protect the mower from unauthorised use.
  • Docking Station
    Docking Station
    The Docking Station comes with the unit, it is the mowers home and where it goes to charge. When mowing the iMOW® is guided by the signal from the perimeter wire, this signal is passed via the docking station. If it rains or the battery runs low the robotic mower returns to the station. The iMOW® has an intelligent charging system, it decides if an express charge is required so it can continue mowing or if the battery can be charged more gently to conserve electricity.
  • Mulching Deck
    Mulching Deck
    The rotational direction of the blades change every time they stop to ensure even wearing. The blade can be changed without tools.
  • iMOW® Robotic Drive
    iMOW® Robotic Drive
    A drive function that enables the iMOW® to mow on sloping terrain.
  • Adaptive Slope Speed
    Adaptive Slope Speed
    The Mower adapts it's speed on uneven terrian. The integrated sensor analyses the inclination.
  • Dynamic Mowing Plan
    Dynamic Mowing Plan
    Set a schedule for the iMOW® using the control panel. Within the time windows set the iMOW® determines the best times to mow for optimal results. If it is interrupted by bad weather, it will catch up in the next time slot.

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