Essential Battery Tools for Professional Landscapers

Reliability and efficiency are important for professionals, regardless of the scale of the job. The STIHL Battery AP System has been designed with professionals and larger properties in mind, combining convenience, comfort, and high performance. The AP Battery System range offers a lineup of cordless tools designed for the toughest tasks all while being battery operated, within this range there are some products that are specifically suited to Landscapers, this article details which tools these are and why.

This range provides two options: the FSA 135 R, which features a round handle, and the FSA 135, equipped with a bull bar handle. You can choose the one that best suits your comfort preferences and the types of jobs you do most often.

The FSA 135 with the bull bar handle is specifically designed to provide lasting comfort during extended use, it comes with a double shoulder harness, this handle-bar configuration is best suited to mowing large areas which requires a right to left motion. The FSA 135 R with the loop handle is designed for users that work more often in tight spaces, mowing around obstacles. 


  • Adaptable Speed Control - You can fine-tune the performance to match your task. Save battery for lighter jobs or ramp it up for tougher landscaping work. This flexibility boosts efficiency no matter what you are working on.

  • Versatility Across Various Environments - These tools can be fitted with both line heads and specialised metal blades, so they are a good fit for all kinds of landscapes and jobs.

  • Robust Metal Air Filter - Effectively improves cooling while blocking larger debris, like grass clippings, from entering the system. It is easy to remove and clean, which makes maintenance a breeze.

  • EasySpool™ - When it is time to reload your trimmer line, the EasySpool feature saves you the hassle of taking the trimmer head apart. 

  • Barrier Bar - Designed to ensure you can work without the worry of accidentally touching the blades, allowing you to stay fully focused on your task at hand.

Imagine having a versatile landscaping toolbox in a single tool. The KMA 135 Combi Engine is compatible with over a dozen attachments, allowing you to effortlessly tackle tasks such as trimming, edging, blowing, sweeping, and more. Each attachment slides into the Combi Engine effortlessly and is secured via a quick-release coupling system.


The STIHL HSA 100 cordless hedge trimmer excels in trimming and shaping hedges across large areas. Featuring a low-maintenance EC motor and the reliable STIHL AP battery, the STIHL HSA 100 never disappoints, even when dealing with stubborn, thicker branches.


  • Rotatable Multifunction Handle - Effortlessly rotate the handle 90 degrees to the left or right, providing precision and comfort. This feature accommodates both left-handed and right-handed users, making it the perfect tool for everyone.

  • Precision Pruning System - With single-sided precision-ground and double-sided cutting blades, this trimmer delivers exceptionally clean cuts when trimming hedges. The 33-degree cutting angle enhances cutting performance, allowing for precise and effortless trimming in both vertical and horizontal positions, as well as tight corners.

  • Enhanced Cut Protection - Designed for a refined finish, this hedge trimmer features diamond-ground blades. The built-in cut protection safeguards the cutting blades, ensuring they won't accidentally come into contact with your legs, reducing the risk of injury while also guaranteeing a precise finish for your hedges.


The STIHL RMA 443 Battery Lawnmower is suitable for medium/large sized lawns mowing approx. 600m² on a single battery charge (with largest capacity battery).


  • Foldable Grass Catcher - The foldable grass catcher makes disposing of clippings a breeze. A built-in level indicator lets you know when it is time to empty it. The clever airflow system ensures efficient packing of clippings during mowing, allowing you to maximize the catchers capacity. Additionally, the side slats on the catcher direct airflow downward, keeping dirt and debris from swirling back towards you and ensuring a cleaner operation.

  • Flow Optimise Blades - The blades are designed to cut grass with minimal resistance, saving battery power and allowing you to tackle larger areas.

  • Mulching Function - For the mulching function, simply remove the grass catcher, insert the mulching plug and swap to the mulching blade. The clippings are evenly spread across the lawn, reducing thatch and providing the lawn with nutrients. 

  • Adjustable MONO HANDLE - The mono-handle system makes it easy to attach and remove the catcher. The height of the handles can be adjusted to suit for a comfortable mowing experience and folded for effortless transportation and compact storage.

  • Eco Mode - With Eco mode, the blade speed automatically adjusts based on the conditions, helping you get the most out of a single battery charge. You can choose to turn this feature on or off as needed.

  • Light Polymer Housing - Durable and lightweight, the housing is made from heat and light resistant, high-quality plastic polymer material.

  • Second Battery Storage - Store a second battery in the stow away compartment, ensuring a quick battery swap and minimal downtime. 

Maintain a tidy property all year-round with the STIHL BGA 86 Battery Blower. This lightweight blower delivers powerful airflow, efficiently clearing away garden debris. The well-balanced design and user-friendly controls accommodates both right and left-handed users making it comfortable for everyone. The cutting-edge technology of STIHL AP batteries allows the blower to operate at full speed consistently until it is time for a recharge, without any gradual loss of power.


  • Ambidextrous - Designed with your comfort in mind, catering to both left and right-handed users. All controls conveniently located within easy reach of the handle, ensuring a comfortable experience for users of all orientations.

  • Adjustable Blower Tube Length - Adjust the blower tube height to your comfort preference or job requirements.

  • Hanging Slot for Storing - Keep your shed organized and your blower within arm's reach using the built-in hanging slot. Safely secure your tool on the wall when it is not in use, for easy access whenever you need it.

  • Soft Grip Handle - The soft grip handle offers a comfortable and secure hold, reducing strain and fatigue during extended use.

  • Easy to Use Control Lever - Take control of the airflow with the easy-to-use control lever, the engine speed can be continuously adjusted to meet your specific needs. After releasing the lever, the engine stops immediately.

The STIHL AL 301-4 Multi Charger is an essential accessory to keep you powered throughout the day. It can efficiently charge up to four AP 300 S batteries in just under five hours, making it suitable for overnight charging in a workshop or while you are on the go. You can save space by conveniently mounting the AL 301-4 Multi Charger on a wall, shelf, or inside your enclosed work truck or trailer. The LED light indicator, provides clear information about the battery status, indicating when they are fully charged or if they are too hot or cold for use. Adding the AL 301-4 Multi Charger to your toolkit ensures you stay powered and productive wherever your work leads you.


STIHL Connected is your digital ally for simplifying the management of your tools, enabling you to smartly and efficiently optimize your daily tasks. With this system in place, you can effortlessly enhance the productivity of your equipment. It's a user-friendly, cost-effective solution that requires minimal effort.


Here's what you can do with it:

Automated Device Data

Receive device data automatically, keeping you informed about your tools' performance.

Fleet Overview

Maintain a comprehensive overview of your entire device fleet, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Device Location Tracking

Stay updated on the real-time locations of your devices, minimizing downtime and improving productivity.

Service Data Transmission

Easily transmit service-related data to authorized retailers, streamlining maintenance.


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