Chainsaw Safety Equipment

It doesn't matter what the job is; when using a chainsaw, you need to stay protected. Reduce the risk of injury and work with confidence by using the best equipment on the market.


Even occasional Chainsaw users need to be protected. We recommend that every time you pick up a Chainsaw, you wear:

Leg and feet protection: Chaps to prevent accidental cuts to your legs (which are the most prone area of the body). Covered work boots for protection against falling, rolling or sharp objects.

Eye protection:  Glasses or a visor to minimise the chances of dust of other debris getting into your eyes and restricting your vision.

Ear protection: Ear Muffs to reduce hearing damage, unless you're operating a smaller Battery Chainsaw which emits less sound.

Hand protection: Gloves with cut protection to reduce the severity of injury, if your Chainsaw accidentally comes into contact with your hands.

Head protection: If you're working with trees overhead, wear a protective helmet to protect against falling hazards.

When handling a Chainsaw, you're dealing with a lot of power and split-second results. Always wear the recommended PPE to keep yourself safe: no excuses.


All our safety gear meets the required safety standards, however in the STIHL PPE range there are three different grades of gear:


Protective wear for occasional use. Designed for entry level users. This gear is of a more basic design but is still strong and reliable and offers the same level of protection, great for occasional users. If you use your chainsaw for property maintenance and preparing firewood, then the protective clothing in then FUNCTION series is perfect for you.


Designed for farmers and semi/professional users, the DYNAMIC series includes additional comfort features for operators wearing their gear for long periods.



Designed for professionals. High quality, high comfort and very robust.


While using a Chainsaw, wearing pants or jeans made of regular fabric is extremely dangerous as the fabric will be cut through immediately upon contact with the chain, potentially leading to major wounds. Chainsaw chaps or protective pants are made of cut resistant fibres, they are more than just thick pants. These special fibres will rapidly clog the Chainsaw's sprocket and chain to halt their movement and prevent the chain from coming into contact with your body.

Choose good quality chaps that meet NZ safety standards. STIHL offers a range of Chaps and protective pants, which are comfortable to wear and allow freedom of movement.

To safeguard your feet, it is a must to wear protective boots. These boots should have firm ankle support and steel toe caps.


When working with a Chainsaw, wood chips flying from the bar is common. STIHL protective glasses help shield the user from these chips. For more protection from flying debris, a safety visor made of plastic or mesh will provide full facial protection. If you are working in very dusty conditions, wear goggles. 

Falling branches overhead are a risk while using your saw. Protective helmets reduce damage to the top of the head and most models have a build in visor to protect your face. Helmets also provide significant protection to the head from kickback.

An overly worn helmet may still look okay but will not be able to provide enough protection in case of an accident. It is recommended that you replace your helmet every three to five years.


The noise produced by petrol Chainsaws can cause damage to your hearing, especially if exposed for long periods of time. Ear plugs and earmuffs are designed to dampen this noise and reduce the potential harm that can be caused. Various grades of ear protection exist for domestic and commercial users alike, for best protection, it is recommended to wear ear muffs rated class 5 as they offer protection from noise levels as high as 110 decibels.

Ear protection isn’t necessary if you are using a STIHL Cordless Chainsaws as they are so quiet!


To protect your hands from sustaining serious wounds, wear heavy-duty work gloves made of durable material (e.g. leather). The DYNAMIC Protect MS Gloves have cut protection patches on the back to protect your hands. Good grip, waterproofing and breathability are other qualities to look for when selecting gloves.