Using Your Water Blaster

Water Blasters are a increasingly useful household tool, they are versatile enough to complete a range of cleaning jobs.

So, whether you’re a seasoned user or considering investing in a new cleaner, here are our top five ways to get the most out of your Water Blaster.


Not only does dust and grime on your car ruin it's appearance; it can also damage the exterior and reduce the car's value.

Achieve the same professional cleaning results you'd expect from a commercial car wash at home with our range of STIHL Water Blasters. The high pressure nozzles blast away layers of grime faster and easier than conventional hand-washing. We’d recommend kitting yourself out with a Foam Nozzle which, when combined with our Auto Wash & Wax, can help loosen the most ingrained dirt.

Ensure the pressure on the Water Blaster is set to a level that won’t damage the paint, metal or glass of your car, and remember to shut the windows!


Particularly after a long winter, Kiwi decks and patios are prone to being covered in layers of grime and algae. 

A great way of tackling this task is by using our RA 101 or RA 82 Patio Cleaners with your Water Blaster. These attachments are designed to rejuvenate the surface of your deck and patio, allowing them to be enjoyed once again.


Much like the deck, over winter outdoor furniture will become ingrained with dirt and mold - And of course, no one wants to sit on or eat off that!

Using a STIHL Water Blaster makes the process of cleaning these surfaces effortless – saving a lot of time and producing great results. We recommend a seasonal blast to keep your furniture clean. 

If your furniture is made of wood, it is perfectly safe to use a Water Blaster, but this can strip the furniture of its oil, so ensure you re-oil everything as soon as it dries out.  This will also help increase the lifespan of your furniture.


Because of the size and shapes of bins, and the fact that they are inherently filled with quite disgusting residue, this is a job that many people don't want to do.

If you own a Water Blaster this awful task, can be completed in less than a minute. Simply turn the bin on its side and blast out the worst of the residue. A cleaning liquid can also be added for really tough bins.


After an afternoon of mowing the lawns, more work is probably the last thing you want to think about, however like any other tool, a Lawn mower needs cleaning after use.

Wet grass can surround the blade and fill the edges of the mower deck if left to set. While big clumps can be removed by hand from the underside (when the mower is off of course!), a Water Blaster can make this job simple and quick. We wouldn’t advise using a Water Blaster on other parts of the mower, cleaning the handles or top of the machine should be done by hand.