STIHL SHOP carries a range of STIHL Chainsaws for all projects, big and small. 

From home use, to farming use, to industry use - the range of STIHL Chainsaws is as varied as the challenges posed by nature itself.



Ideal for property maintenance, pruning and firewood. These Chainsaws combine high performance with optimal handling and set standards for ease of use.

Lifestyle Block

A well-maintained property is an excellent advertisement. So it's good to know you can rely on talented assistance when carrying out maintenance jobs.


This grouping of STIHL Chainsaws are designed to be robust heavier-duty general-use chainsaws, that have earned a strong reputation in performance among petrol chain saws.


These powerful machines are ideal for professionals with their extreme robustness, excellent operational comfort and ideally tailored performance.

Pole Pruners

When it comes to maintaining orchards and thinning out shrubs and bushes, STIHL Pole Pruners demonstrate their true magnitude. View our CombiSystem for other Pole Pruning tools, as well as our gardening Chainsaws and farming Chainsaws for cutting large branches.