Masport President® 2500 AL S18 Combo Petrol Lawnmower

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  • Cut, Catch & Mulch
  • Masport 4 Blade Disc System
  • Deck Washport
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A versatile catch, catch and mulch petrol Lawnmower, this mode comes with a handle lift system for simpler catcher removal and storage, as well as adjustable wheel bearings that make it easier to push.

The Masport Zone Start feature eliminates the need to bend down to pull the starter cord, reducing the risk of back strain and making the overall experience of starting the Lawnmower less strenuous.

This model even comes equipped with a handy Deck Washport that facilitates cleaning to improve performance and help increase the life of the chassis.

Warranty Information:

5 Year Mower Engine/Motor Warranty

10 Year Mower Chassis Warranty

5 Year Mower Parts Warranty

Lifetime Mower Catcher Warranty


Engine Make & Model

Briggs & Stratton OHV Series 550EX

Engine Power (cc)


Weight (kg)



460mm (18") heavy duty aluminium non rust chassis

Cutting Width

460mm (18")

Cutting Height (mm)

10 - 80

Mulching Function

Cut, Catch & Mulch

Catcher Type

HDPE Plastic

Catcher (L)


  • Masport Zone Start
    Zone Start
    Eliminates the need to bend all the way down to pull-start, reducing the risk of back strain through a conveniently places starter rope.
  • Masport 4 Blade Disc System
    Masport 4 Blade Disc System
    This blade system runs four swing back blades suitable for catching and mulching applications and is fitted on Masport steel chassis catching and mulching models.
  • Mulching
    This Lawnmower features a mulching system that naturally recycles the grass by recutting it and feeding it back into your lawn.
  • Adjustable Wheel Bearings
    Adjustable Wheel Bearings
    Masport's ball bearing wheels make the mower easy to push and with a threaded axle and nut the wheels can easily be adjusted if they become loose after significant use.
  • HDPE Plastic Catcher
    HDPE Plastic Catcher
    A sturdy and long-lasting high density polyethylene plastic catcher that holds 46.5 litres of grass clippings.
  • Masport Lawnmower Camlocks
    Allows for quick and easy fold down of the handle for storage or transportation of your mower.

Q: What is the cutting height range for this Lawnmower?

A: 10mm - 80mm with 11 stages

Q: What is the cutting width of this model?

A: 460mm (18")

Q: Does this Lawnmower mulch?

A: Yes, this is a cut, catch and mulching Lawnmower.

Q: What should I wear when using this Lawnmower?

A: We recommend that you wear sturdy boots or shoes and snug-fitting clothes and eye protection.

Q: How large is the catcher?

A: This model uses a 46.5L catcher.

Q: What if my blades become dull?

A: If you notice the blades have lost their edge and it is harder to cut, bring your machine into your local STIHL SHOP for a convenient sharpening service.


Emptying the catcher

This machine comes with a useful HDPE Plastic Catcher with a 'full' indicator to let you know when it is time to empty the catcher.

Cleaning your Lawnmower

This Lawnmower features a Washport to clean the engine with a hose fitting. After use, wipe down the exterior of the chassis with a damp cloth or soft brush.

Your preffered length of grass

This Lawnmower features 11 cutting height stages to achieve your the perfect lawn for you.


If you notice the blades have become jammed, do not attempt to free them while the engine is on. Always wear hearing protection and covered footwear.

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