Medium/Large Lawn

STIHL iMOW 6 EVO Robotic Lawnmower

Product code:
IA01 011 1445
  • Cutting height (mm): 20-60
  • Cutting width (cm): 28
  • Maximum Lawn Area (m²): 3000


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The STIHL iMOW® 6 EVO robot lawnmower simplifies lawn care with a robust lithium-ion battery and three free-swinging blades for precise cutting. It efficiently manages lawns up to 3,000 m², handling slopes up to 45%, upgradable to 55% with the iMOW Upgrade Kit 10. Ultrasonic sensors and controlled speed help it navigate obstacles, narrow spaces, and uneven terrain.

User-friendly controls, voice output, and LED indicators simplify operation. The MY iMOW® app provides Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi control, with mobile network remote access. You can adjust cutting height, create schedules, and respond to rain conditions. The docking station serves as both a base and a charging station for the iMOW® 6 EVO.

While these mowers can operate at their maximum capacity, pushing them to the absolute limit might reduce their service life compared to models used well within their capacity. To optimize your iMOW® experience, it's best to choose a model with a bit more capacity. This way, the mower operates comfortably below its maximum workload instead of constantly at its limits. This approach extends the mower's lifespan and ensures efficient, reliable performance.

The price displayed does not include the cost of installation. At STIHL SHOP, we have trained experts that will perfectly install your MOW® to suit your garden.


Maximum Lawn Area (m²)


Charge Time (mins)

200 minutes

Average Mowing time per charge (mins)

100 minutes to 80% or 150 minutes to 100%

Cutting width (cm)


Cutting height (mm)


Power Source

Lithium-Ion Battery

Mulching Function


Weight (kg)


Weekly Mowing Duration Under Ideal Conditions (hours)


Maximum Degree of Slope

Inclines of up to 45% or 55% the iMOW Upgrade Kit 10


Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile network

Mowing Speed (m/s)


  • Disc-cut System
    Free-swinging sharp blades that cut the grass efficiently due to their high rotation speed. Regular change in rotation direction enhances the durability of these blades.
  • Adjustable Cutting Height
    Adjust the cutting height of your iMOW® directly via the MY iMOW® app.
  • Tool Free Blade Replacment
    Changing blades on your iMOW® is quick and easy, and doesnt require tools. To ensure an even cut, it is recommended to replace all three blades simultaneously.
  • iMOW® Controls
    The control panel features push buttons and an LED back stripe, providing essential commands. Plus, the iMOW® communicates important information through voice output.
  • Connectivity
    Control your iMOW® through the MY iMOW® app using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® or mobile network. Mobile Network connectivity only available on the iMOW® EVO robotic mowers.
  • Remote Access Via MY iMOW® App
    With the MY iMOW® app, you can control your iMOW® from anywhere. Create mowing plans, check your device's location, define mowing zones, and adjust settings.
  • Zone Managment
    For precise mowing in gardens with tight corners or obstacles, you can set starting points and mowing zones.
  • Rain Sensor
    The iMOW® can autonomously adjust its mowing schedule depending on the weather. You also have the option to customize how the mower reacts to rain.
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
    To protect your mower as it negotiates obstacles.
  • Steep Slopes
    The iMOW® can operate on inclines of up to 45% or 55% with the iMOW Upgrade Kit 10. Upgrade Kit 10 only available for the iMOW® EVO robotic mowers.
  • Alarm Function
    If the iMOW® is lifted or experiences an unusual tilt or movement (like being carried), it triggers an audible alarm. This alarm turns off when the iMOW® is placed back down.
  • LED Matrix
    For communication that's even more user-friendly. Only on the iMOW® EVO robotic mowers.

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