STIHL Chainsaw and STIHL battery on the trailer of a black Ute


The STIHL battery range features four tiers of performance, so you can find the right family of products for your needs. Whether you’re a landscaping professional or an occasional use homeowner, STIHL battery tools have the power to get the job done and to do it as well as petrol powered products.

The STIHL AI Battery System is designed to be light and simple to use, it's a great choice for small gardens and courtyards.

The STIHL AS Battery System is range of easy to use small hand held tools. 

The STIHL AK Battery System has a selection of powerful tools and three batteries, it is the perfect solution for suburban gardens.

The STIHL AP Battery System has the most power, this range offers professionals, farmers and large garden owners' high-quality tools in various performance classes.


The STIHL AI range has three battery-powered tools that are simple and easy to use, making them ideal for small gardens and courtyards. In this range the battery is integrated into the tool, which means charging it is as easy as plugging the tool into a wall socket via the charging cable. The STIHL AI Battery System has you covered for your Hedge Trimming, Line Trimming and Blowing needs.

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The compact, easy-to-handle and light in weight battery power tools in the STIHL AS Battery System are perfect for grounds and garden maintenance. The power you need is reliably delivered by a replaceable STIHL AS 2 Battery. The STIHL AS Battery fits all the tools in the STIHL AS range.

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The STIHL AK Battery range offers impressive power and durability, you can choose from three different battery options with varying power levels. These batteries are compatible with a wide range of tools that are specially designed for medium to large gardens. All STIHL AK Batteries can be charged with the STIHL AL 101 Charger or the STIHL AL 301 Charger and will power all the tools from the STIHL AK Battery System, however but for added power and performance, consider investing in the higher capacity AK 30 Battery. As you expand your collection of tools, the AK 30 Battery will provide the extra power and longevity needed for demanding tasks.

The STIHL AK system has all your lawn mowing,  tree maintenance, hedgetrimming, grass trimming and garden cleaning jobs covered. The AK range also includes a Lawn Scarifier & Dethatcher which is not found in any of the other ranges. 

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The STIHL AP System delivers powerful performance, long battery life and outstanding handling which is essential when tackling more demanding gardening jobs, farm work, professional landscaping, council work or larger tree maintenance. The STIHL AP Battery System provides emission-free operation and the tools are incredibly quiet, you won't even need ear protection, particularly useful for noise-sensitive areas.

The extensive STIHL AP Battery System includes a variety of tools and interchangeable batteries (including backpack batteries) which can tackle a wide range of tasks.: lawn mowing, grass trimming, tree maintenance, garden cleaning, hedge trimming, concrete cutting and sweeping. The Pole Hedge Trimmers & Pole Chainsaws also have the longest reach so if you have tall trees or hedges to trim choose the AP range. 

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