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Pair your STIHL Line Trimmers and Brushcutters with high-quality STIHL Cutting Tools and Mowing Lines for better performance. We have a range of durable Nylon Lines, Cutting Blades and Mowing Heads, you will find everything you need for your trimming or cutting job.
Line Trimmer Attachments & Trimmer Nylon Line

Made from a flexible material, our STIHL Nylon Line is wear-resistant and long-lasting. We also offer durable STIHL cutting attachments and blades that can be easily fitted onto your STIHL Line Trimmers and Brush Cutters.

STIHL offers a range of attachments designed to enhance the functionality of your Line trimmer or Brushcutter.

Nylon Line

Nylon line, often referred to as the trimmer line or string, is what does the cutting on your line trimmer. 

Line Trimmer Heads

We have a range of different heads that go on our Line Trimmers & Brushcutters. When purchasing a new head make sure it is compatible with your machine. Read our blog about finding the right mowing head.

Brush Cutter Blades

Brush cutter blades are more robust than Nylon Line and offer higher cutting performance. Bladed trimmers are best for lawns with tall, thick grass. It is important to check the compatibility of your trimmer with the blade  Finding the right Blade for your Brushcutter

Line Trimmer Attachments & Lines FAQS

See below for frequently asked questions about line trimmer attachments and lines:

Why should I use genuine STIHL attachments?

Using genuine products guarantees optimal performance and extends the life of your tool. Matching STIHL tools with attachments will often avoid compatibility issues.

How often should I replace my trimmer line?

This will depend on how often you use your Line Trimmer or Brush Cutter and the amount of trimming you do. A roll of Nylon Line will last a surprisingly long time though! We sell rolls of different sizes from 9m up to 800m and sizes in between.

How do I know which attachment is compatible with my trimmer?

Our product pages have information about what line trimmers are compatible with each head and nylon line, you can also find more information in these articles: Finding the right mowing head and Finding the right Blade for your Brushcutter

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