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When you demand a lot from your Chainsaw, having the right saw chain can make a big difference. STIHL chain is designed to give outstanding cutting performance on STIHL Chainsaws, but they also excel on Chainsaws from other manufacturers . Every saw chain manufactured by STIHL incorporates our exclusive, patented OILOMATIC® lubricating feature to reduce the friction on the chain increasing it's life. STIHL Chain is manufactured with Swiss precision in our factory in Switzerland and is designed to perfectly complement your STIHL Chainsaw
Chainsaw Chains
STIHL chainsaw chains are manufactured with Swiss precision in our factory in Wil, Switzerland and have been designed and tested to perfectly match STIHL Guide Bars and Chainsaws. Every STIHL saw chain loop is inspected to ensure the highest levels of quality. Each cutter is made from special steel, whilst the top plate is chromium-plated to increase wear resistance so they stay sharp for longer. Our STIHL Oilomatic lubricating system reduces the friction and wear on the chain which increases the life of the chain.
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